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Online Used Book Store

Want to sell your used books or buy books at low price? We help you do both.


sell used books

second hand books

The only place at which you can sell books at prices decided by you

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second hand books

Best place to buy used books at crazy discounts and in good condition

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second hand books

Want to Donate your old books?You have come to the right place

Earn money from your second hand books

With a simple sign-up,we help you make more money from your used books

You always make more money by selling your used books to people who need them

A one stop solution to sell all those old books which you don't intend to read again

Online Used Books Store

The bookstore which displays second hand books listed by students and book readers of the united states

Online Books Wish Store

Brings the book-wishes of book readers and students seeking to buy them from you

Win-Win Situation

Apart from you the environment gets benefitted as well

  •    The used booksellers get to sell used books and earn money from them
  •    The buyers for second hand books read books at cool discounts.
  •    One person’s money savings lead to another person’s earning

One successful book transaction through is a contribution to the environment

book store

Bookstore nearby

What makes it a nearby bookstore of 2nd hand books?

About Us is an online second hand bookstore based on the idea of students and bookworms selling second hand books to students and bookworms living near them.

An ideal solution to make money from those used books acquiring dust & to save money by buying books second hand

"The secret to your success can be our Blogs"


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is an online second hand bookstore from which you can buy second hand books as well as sell your used books.'s used bookstore makes your used books get exposed to thousands of buyers for second hand books who are looking to buy them at low prices. To sell second hand books just follow the below steps
  • Sign Up
  • Click on sell used books
  • Fill the form with the details of your book
  • Mark the pick up point in the map
  • Write a captive description of at least 150 chars
  • Hit the submit button
Your book will now be uploaded in the used bookstore of
The online used bookstore of is there to help you buy books at discounts. It creates a win win situation for its users on one hand the used booksellers earn money from their used books and on the other hand the second hand book buyers save a lot of money on books they want to read. In this case, the environment gets benefitted as well. The process of book buying from the used bookstore is very simple -
  • Sign Up on first
  • Go to the used book store
  • Search the book you want to buy
  • When the search results appear, open the profile page of the book you want to buy
  • Hit the 'contact owner' button
  • The bookseller will contact you. At this point of time you can negotiate the price and fix the deal.
  • Meet the bookseller at the pick up point
  • Collect your book and pay the seller then and there.
After this you will go home happy as you would save a lot of money on books. charges nothing from you neither when I sell my old books nor when I buy books second hand. It is absolutely free to use.
No, sign-up on is absolutely free. works on the concept of people selling their used books to people living near them or in the same city. It is basically run by its users. Since, it's idea of operation is different hence, it doesn't deliver second hand books.
The used booksellers who have uploaded their books in the used bookstore are students, book readers, and bookworms who want to sell those books which they don't intend to read again. The online book buyers of are also students and book readers who want to buy 2nd hand books at low prices.
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