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You may be wondering what the wish-store is?

You are on an app that makes 2nd hand book selling easy.

The online used bookstore of bx-zone.com is run by students, bookworms, and bibliophiles of the United States of America.

When users list their second hand books for sale in the used bookstore then only they become available for you.

May be the book you are looking for has not been listed by any user till yet.

In such a case we don't want you to go without giving us a chance to help you get that second hand book for you.

Thus, we recommend that you list the second hand book you need as a wish in the wish-store of bx-zone.com

The booksellers who visit bx-zone.com checks out the wish-store as well to check if there is any book-wish that they can fulfill.

Suppose a student comes across your book wish and he/she has the exact same book that he is ready to sell at a discount

He would then open the profile page of the wish and hit the contact owner button.

When he does so, you will receive an email notifying you that someone has the second hand book you need and he is ready to sell you.

All you then have to do is contact the potential book seller and buy the book from him.

The book wish store is there to help you in case the book you need in your city has not been listed yet in the online 2nd hand bookstore.

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