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We do, whatever it takes, to become your ‘Go to’ online second hand books store.
Our ambition is to bring in millions & billions of books from each city of India so that all the users willing to sell their used books online make money and all the users willing to buy books, get to read them at much lower price than the market.
Our ambition is when a reader thinks of a book store near by, bx-zone.com must automatically come to the mind as the answer.
Our ambition is to promote reading among the citizens by making books available cheap.
We work harder and harder each day to fulfill our ambitions, & we need your support too in getting there.
Your positive feedback will let us know that we have moved 2 steps ahead on our journey.
Your negative feedback will help us improve in the long run and is going to build bx-zone.com’s character,
So, tell us what you think in the form below, tell us what we could do better and if that’s feasible and in our best interest then in the long run, you’ll certainly notice it in bx-zone.com

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