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About bx-zone.com

BX-Zone.com is a website which came into existence in the year 2016. It is a website on which you can sell,buy and exchange books.
It is based on the idea of users selling,buying or exchanging books with other users.

BX-Store (Used Book Store) shows the ads of books posted by the users who want to sell them.
WISH-Store shows the requests of books placed by the users who want to buy them.

BX-Zone.com doesn't have any payment option or mechanism because it doesn't procure or deliver books to its users.
It is purely based on the concept of providing a platform on which you can get a reasonable price from selling your books.

A user can get a good price for his/her books by selling them to the people who need them indeed
Students if willing to buy second hand books at a cheaper price than the market's, should place their requests on BX-Zone.com and buy books from the users who are willing to sell them.

So,why let your old,used books occupy space in your closet? Why let your already read used books acquire dust and dirt? Register for free and starting posting ads of your books on BX-Zone.com

BX-Zone.com Team