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They say that there is god in children and thus, treating them good is like worshipping god.

This blog post is going to lay emphasis on the way some, I emphasise, some teachers behave with their students.

Thus, if you are a student or a parent of the student then this post is definitely for you. Its mission is to just spread awareness among parents and students to exercise caution in the growing years of the children.

So, let’s begin –

A Guru

In the ancient times, teachers were called Gurus; a guru had a reputation of someone more than God because a young person of tender age would learn and gain knowledge from a guru. And believe me or not! Knowledge was and is the most powerful tool in the world.

The Guru would do anything to enlighten his students, to produce skills in them, harness the hidden powers within them.

He would take up some strict actions too for pushing his pupils up the ladder of skills and knowledge, but at the end of the day he would also feel awful about being too harsh with them and would brush gently his hand on their heads.

Comes Kaliyuga, 21st Century

The situation has changed a lot in the Kali Yuga, especially in the 21st century.

Cases of teachers beating their students up have been emerging and the graph has been increasing over time.

Looks as if the motive behind the teachers being strict with the students has changed drastically from “blessing in disguise” to “venting out anger”.

Let’s take the example of a case which happened in the year 2014 in Nashik, Maharasthra.

A kid was beaten up with a steel ruler by a teacher and his mother registered an FIR against him. After beating the hand of the kid with the ruler, the teacher asked the student to wash his hand with cold water to just get rid of the redness his hand caught because of the beating.

The mother mentioned in the FIR that the teacher without inquiring - who was making noise in the classroom - beat the kid brutally.

The sailors dread to go farther in the sea as they may fall, tripping over the perpendicularly turning surface, down with the currents of the waterfall, they believe which is somewhere at the horizon.

The police started the investigation and booked the teacher under section 323 IPC and section 23 of the child protection act 2010.

Only Purpose is awareness

Well, the purpose of bringing the case up is to again make you aware of what is happening in the real world.

You know almost all the time the parents think that it is the child who is responsible for the beating, “the child must have made a mess”, “the child must have not done the homework” or “the child must have been responsible for breaking the discipline in any way”.

The parents never rely on the innocence of the children rather they completely count on and surrender their children’s future to the designation better known as ‘Teacher’.

In the 60s and 70s, the teachers really worried about their students’ future and would take strict actions just to make sure their students make it big in the struggling world. However, now the times have changed. Education has turned into a harsh business.

The management of some schools believe that not only a student but parents too must be tantamount to their standards for him/her to be admitted.

Well, they do not want to hurt their reputation and in a way they are right too, but I would ask you that just to protect this reputation, a teacher beating up a student is right?

Therefore, the parents now need to take a closer look at the child’s activities, his/her behavior after school at home.

Listen to your child please

If the kid tells the parent that his teacher beat him with a ruler or slapped him in the face twice in front of the class for not finishing up the homework on time or breaking the discipline, then, there is a need on the parent’s end to investigate the matter further.

In the years of development, a child’s mind is really tender and any such cruel act done out of spite can scar him for life.

A teacher can scold the child for n number of reasons but, in no way, it is fair, legitimate or even legal to beat the child out of anger or to bully him

It is necessary to pay deep heed to situations when your child tells you that he gets demotivated or discouraged by his teachers at regular intervals. Why?

Good Grades – Optional, Hope - Mandatory

Because, a child can do well in life even with low grades but without hope there are greater chances that his entire life may get ruined. So, if you’re a parent reading this post or a student you have to make sure that the disappointments instilled by some teachers do not penetrate your child’s conscious mind.

The cases of bullying and beating students have shaken the society in the past and we’ll have to start acting more responsible towards children but that doesn’t mean that we develop a prejudice in our minds that teachers are always bad.

The percentage of the teachers being brutal towards their students is really low and thus their acts can be easily controlled.

Totally Brutal

A case of a lady teacher beating a 7 Year old girl for not completing homework in Bengaluru emerged in 2016. The tuition teacher actually beat up the girl with a belt, now imagine how much wrong a 7 year old girl can do to get beaten up using a belt.

Her mother on noticing bruises on her body immediately registered an FIR against the teacher who then absconded.

A similar case emerged in New Delhi in the year 2017, when a teacher of a reputed school beat up a student mercilessly with a stick, when the student got in a fight with other students in the school premises.

The police on doing the medical examination of the student found injuries and abrasions on the back of the kid and booked the teacher under section 123 of the Indian Penal Code.

Government has done its bit

Since, this article is all about spreading awareness of protecting the mental and physical health of the students hence, it goes an extra mile to aware you about the rules formed by the Indian Govt to put a curb on such acts.

Under the ‘Right to education’ Act 2009, children can’t be subjected to any mental or physical punishment.

Sec 17 especially is created to prevent any kind of mental and physical strain to the students.

The rules state -

Under Sec 17(1) – No child shall be subjected to physical punishment or mental harassment.

Under Sec 17(2) – Whoever contravenes the provisions of sub-section(1) shall be liable to disciplinary action under the service rules applicable to such person.

And not many people know that according to the Indian Penal Code section 83, no individual or body can give corporal punishment to a child for not dressing properly or doing homework.

So, how did you find this article? Have you witnessed a case like this? Would you care to share it in the comments section below?

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