8 Taunting Remarks every student has to deal with besides studying hard

People who dropped out of IIT JEE and made it big

Elders say that the student life is the best life one can ever have.

You don’t have to worry about running a family, you don’t have to worry about earning money, and you don’t have to be concerned about home & car loans.

The only things you focus upon are attending school/college, classes, books, and studying to score good in tests.

But everything has pros and cons, just like that, every phase of life has pros and cons too.

When being a student, you have to deal with several taunts coming out of several mouths.

When you’re taunted by your parents, it’s a completely different thing. They scold you just so that you can stand on your feet & make a good life for yourself.

But this post is about handling some antisocial elements whose favorite hobby is to poke their nose in others’ lives. They could be your relatives (distant as well as close), neighbors, fellow classmates, and in some cases teachers too (I hate to say that but I was a victim of being taunted by teachers).

So, here I bring you some of the phrases that get thrown at you in student life, which, you should learn how to tackle because believe it or not, such taunting remarks impact your attitude more or less.

It’s your only chance

Well, people often say that opportunity knock on your door once. But, do you think that it is true?

All the people who made it big in this world tried on several opportunities and failed miserably in the beginning but later they succeeded and achieved something which not only helped them but the people of the world too.

This is not to tell you to develop a causal attitude, however, to let you know that if you have given your everything to make use of the opportunity and god forbid couldn’t succeed.

Don’t worry because the opportunities will keep flowing to you.

There are hardly any chances that you win

The person who says this to you is the one who sees his reflection of losing in you.

There is a dark impression of defeat on that person’s subconscious out of which he/she evaluates you and decides your fate.

Remember 1 thing, even if there is 5% chance for you to win then if you attach your conviction and positive attitude in the back of your 5% chance it turns into 100%.

Just say to yourself,’ the chances are 5%, too big for me and I will do it’

You are wrong

When you say that the chemical formula of water is not H2O but NACL , I will say that you are wrong and you should accept it because it’s a proven fact.

But when someone says to you that you’re wrong if you’re dreaming of being a cricketer like Sachin Tendulkar or of securing a place in the top 10 in the upcoming JEE exam then that’s completely false.

Repeatedly say to yourself that “he is wrong not me, I am right and I going to achieve what is mine through my hard work “

No grades, no future

We all want to score good grades in the examination and there is nothing wrong in it.

You must try to score good grades on the examinations because that increases your confidence and studying for the test makes you remember things for a long long time.

However, certain people have changed the true meaning of the examination. They say if you can’t score above 90% or an A in the exam they you will have to struggle throughout your life.

Wrong! Grades are like jewellery adorning a human; the human is your attitude, even if there is no jewellery then also with your attitude you can shoot yourself to success.

You’ll fail

How the people know in advance about a person that he would fail?

Are they astrologers or what? The confidence about someone else in their mind is really laudable.

So, if you’re told that you will fail, just show your class, stay silent give him a gentle smile and repeat the above 2 sentences in your head and then say “I am born to win”.

It’s no use trying so hard, only the gifted ones rise up

The anti-social elements want to stick to their average and soul sucking life. We don’t have any problem about it.

But they also throw you some classy advice to not work hard in the direction of your dreams because only 1 in 10000 is gifted and only the gifted one succeeds, and you can’t be the gifted one as if these anti-social elements have seen the future.

It’s completely false. Most of the minds who changed the world were very average. They never realised the gift which god has given them (as per the anti-social elements). However, they did realise that they have to work hard, persevere and in the end they changed the course of history.

What’s the use, nobody cares

This phrase often comes from within. Sometimes you work hard, you give your everything and then it occurs to you that nobody is noticing your work.

If it occurs to you that you are not going anywhere with your effort then please don’t believe yourself this one time.

Your hard work is adding up and is going to give you a sweeter fruit than expected.

Just keep going!

You’ll never amount to anything

Everyone who has born in this world has come to fulfill a purpose.

It’s just that naked eyes can’t see it.

So when you are thrown this jibe then think that you are one of the nature’s creation and are here to achieve your destiny.

You are no less important than anyone else in this universe; with continued efforts and a positive attitude the nature will tell you what your worth is. It’s just a matter of time.

In the end, I would like to say that this article is for those who keep working hard but sometimes are pulled down by jibes like these.

It is also to shake the students out of apathy who want to study hard but haven’t taken their first step because of these jibes.

With this article it is he Time to say hello to positive attitude and burn these jibes to ashes.

So, have you been thrown any other phase in your student life? Would you share it in the comment section?

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