The curious healing of Madam Bire of France

healing from subconscious mind

In the age of social media, people are tending to become more pragmatic. If there is something which science hasn’t discovered yet or hasn’t put a proved theory in the textbooks then it is considered merely a superstition.

Successful people who give speech after becoming successful about how they achieved what they needed through hope, courage, expectancy and hard work are dismissed by the commoners saying that “he/she is successful, he/she can say anything he wants now; hope, courage etc. are merely the words from the books”

Many cases have been studied in which the protagonists have worked hard to achieve their goals but only those who kept their thinking positive and clung to the rope of hope were the ones who actually became successful.

Our Elders always suggest us to think good and good will follow,

So, what is the reason behind keeping hope and doing positive thinking?

It is our own mind.

Whether you study the work of the mother or Napoleon Hill or Joseph Murphy or Robin Sharma or religious books like Bhagavad-Gita or the Bible you will find a strong emphasis being given to the power of positive thinking necessary to stimulate the hidden powers within.

The case of Madam Bire

The case of Madam Bire is one of the strongest example of thing I just talked about above.

Lourdes is a big catholic pilgrimage site in France. Millions of people visit Grotto of Massabielle where they drink or bathe in the water flowing from the Spring.

Madam Bire of France could not see with her eyes because the optic nerves which transmit visual information from the retina to the brain were damaged, she was completely blind.

But after she went to the shrine, her eyesight showed drastic improvement.

She started regaining her vision magically. As examined by the doctors, her optic nerves were still damaged and useless. Though being a catholic pilgrimage site, the doctors who believed or didn’t believed in the Almighty were allowed inside to examine.

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After a month of repeated examinations by the doctors, it was confirmed that Madam Bire could see properly after a month. Her vision was restored totally.

So, what happened here? Was she cured by the waters of the shrine? Or there was a divine power beyond the logic of the science inside the shrine which cured her eyes.

As Joseph Murphy quotes in this book, ‘The Power of your subconscious mind’ she was not cured by the waters of the shrine but by the healing powers of her own subconscious mind.

She went to the shrine with a firm belief that she will be cured there; her belief was so strong that her subconscious mind accepted this suggestion of hers and responded to her firm belief of seeing again.

It released the healing powers within itself and within a month she regained her vision.

Such is the power of the suggestion which can tap that part of your mind which never sleeps to work in your favor.

You are no less important than anyone else in this universe; with continued efforts and a positive attitude the nature will tell you what your worth is. It’s just a matter of time.

If you’re an optimistic then you’ll totally understand the powers hidden within. But if you’re a realist or an immensely practical person you may dismiss it. Well, this article is not to force anyone to change the attitude but once in a lifetime, you can give ‘the power of suggestion’ a shot.

For students, this therapy has proved extremely successful.

It doesn’t mean that you keep suggesting yourself that you will be successful and do not work hard. It is a practice you should follow along with working hard.

So, if you have studied hard for your upcoming JEE or NEET or AIPMT tests and you’re skeptical whether you’ll clear it then it’s completely normal.

All you have to do is keep telling yourself with conviction and assertiveness is “I have studied hard and the examination belongs to me. There is an infinite intelligence inside me which will make me crack the exam with a good grade, I’ll crack it”.

You can customize this sentence according to your own choice. I would recommend you to repeat this sentence when you get up in the morning, before you sleep and 3-4 times a day and wait for the magic to happen.

This will enforce the power of belief in your system which is the biggest power in this world. A lot of sports persons practice this exercise on a regular basis to perform excellent in their game.

In the end, I want to ask do you believe in yourself?

Are you an optimistic person or a realist? If you’re a realist then do you believe in the power of belief?

Have you known about the power of suggestion before reading this article?

If yes, then let all of us know about your experience in the comments section.

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userplaceholder Kshitij Deshmukh
Posted on : 6/1/2019
I have read the book and was quite unsure that the incident was real Or not so i googled it and now am definitely going to use my infinite intelligence to the best i can.
userplaceholder Harish Kumar
Posted on : 8/9/2019
Experienced similar kind of feeling thrice in my lifetime though not in a big matter but yes when i experienced, i was trying to believe in myself or my subconscious.