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To achieve anything in life guidance is necessary. Even if we take it in a religious way, through our religious books we come to know that God shows us the way and then it’s our responsibility to walk on that way to the destination.

So, when it comes to IIT JEE exam prep guidance does have a very important role.

Although, the figures of 2014 stated that 52% of the candidates who cleared IIT JEE didn’t go to any coaching institutes but even after that, the role of the coaching institutes in the IIT prep can’t be undermined.

However, as stated earlier, coaching institutes are just for guidance, they are the gateways but passing through them and securing a seat in IIT JEE is totally on you. So, if you have envisioned yourself studying in IIT and are ready to lock yourself in your room with books of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics here we help you with a list of coaching institutes which can provide great leverage to your effort -

Allen Institute

Allen Institute, Kota was started in 1988 with just 8 students and today has become one of the Top IIT prep institutes of the country. Allen institute has a very good reputation in Kota.

The teaching methods in Allen Institute are very innovative and creative which will develop your interest in some of the boring topics of Physics and Chemistry (Mathematics is always beautiful).

The teachers in Allen institute are qualified experienced teachers with some of them having experience of more than 20 years which provide a rationale to it boasting as one of the best institutes of India. In 2018, out of the first 10 AIR in JEE Advanced, 2 are from Allen; out of first 30, 11 belonged to Allen; and out of first 100, 30 belonged to Allen institute.

Aakash Institute

When it comes to joining coaching classes for IIT Prep, you can’t ignore Aakash Institute, Kota. Students have provided feedback that the teachers of this institute are very cordial and amiable.

Their amicable manner of teaching makes you do some serious learning but in a very easy way.

In 2018, around 6155 students of Aakash institute cracked JEE Mains. Aakash institute also has a student in the first 10 AIR (JEE), 24 students in top 100 and 53 in top 250 .


Created in 1992 by D K Goel, a mechanical engineering student from IIT Delhi FIIT JEE through its strong leadership and teaching has helped 5674 students qualify JEE (Advanced) in 2017.

The Key aspect of FIIT JEE’s success is its focus on solidifying the fundamentals of the students and help them solve varying problems of the concepts because of which their mind grows in every possible dimension without being confined just to the JEE exam pattern.


Resonance is the one of the youngest and reputed IIT JEE coaching institute of India. It has branches in 28 cities of India. It was founded in 2001 by R K Verma, an alumni of IIT Madras.

Resonance institute achieved a stellar 6149 JEE Advanced selections in 2017 through its classroom connected and distance learning programs.

Vibrant Academy

Vibrant Academy was opened in 2010 in Kota to help aspiring engineers crack IIT JEE and other state level competitive examinations. Vibrant Academy has a good study ambience and the faculties of the Academy are well qualified plus the way they explain to their students, even the toughest concepts seem quite interesting and easy to comprehend.

Vibrant Academy with its stupendous teaching methods has put 2 candidates in the top 10 AIR, 7 candidates in the top 100 AIR and 26 in the top 250 AIR.

Motion IIT JEE

The IIT coaching institutes have two types of batches, one where high performers study and the others where average performers study.

(This categorization is totally done by them and please if you think you are an average performer then my friend, you are not. The fact is you need a little more practice and you will surpass others and the current version of yourself.)

Well, sorry for digressing a bit, but, in these institutes the faculties assigned to average performing batches are not the top faculties which is not the case in Motion IIT JEE. Quality faculties teach in both types of batches.

Also, the number of students per batch is relatively low which an advantage in itself is. For droppers, Motion IIT JEE is considered as the best institute for the prep. The institute recorded a 33% success rate in JEE Advanced 2017 with 678 selected out of 2042.

Bansal Classes

Bansal classes were found by V K Bansal in 1991. Bansal, at the age of 25 was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy after which he got physically impaired. He was presumed to have a short life span but with his vision, ability and hard work, he not only became a qualified engineer but eventually, created one of the top institutes of the country.

The Institute recorded a stupendous figure of 57% selection in JEE Advanced in the year 2017.

Nucleus Education

There are only 13 teachers in Nucleus education who have delivered on the future of the candidates being taught by them, probably more than their peer institutes.

All the faculties at Nucleus education are very good at creating a healthy and comfortable environment for the students to grasp and get hold of the concepts easily. These faculties indeed taught in Allen institute before and believe in providing quality education.

In the JEE Advanced 2018 within top 50 AIR, 3 students and in the top 100 AIR, 8 students were from Nucleus education institute.

Vidya Mandir

VidyaMandir classes (VMC) has the proven track record of delivering when it comes to IIT JEE exams. It provides education in various cities of India including cities like Port Blair,Rohtak, Charkhi Dadri, Korba , Madhubani etc.

In 2018, 57 students who studied at VMC made it to the top 1000 AIR in JEE Advanced.

It totally depends on you to decide whether a coaching institute is must for you or not. In some cases, like stated in the beginning of the article most students resort to self-study and do good in JEE exam.

Therefore, before you are thinking of starting your preparation for JEE, it is very necessary to contemplate over and analyze your ability to reach a conclusion whether you need a coaching institute or self-study is enough for you to crack the JEE exam.

So, which of these coaching institutes are planning to study in?

Have you already studied in any of these institutes? Or you have studied all by yourself and cracked the exam?

Your experiences are welcome in the comments.

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