Which is the best time to read a book?

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It is said, believed and is the truth that the brightest and the wisest minds on this planet are avid readers.

There are 2 types of wise people in this world-

1) Who learn from their mistakes,

2) Who learn from others mistakes and experience.

Life is too short to make all the mistakes and learn from them, hence, there arises the need to learn in advance, extracting knowledge from other people’s mistakes and experiences, such that most of your future decisions are diligently made by you.

So, how do you become wise enough in various aspects of life? Whether it is making good decisions or developing a perspective or providing right suggestions to someone.

The answer is BOOKS.

Everyone around the globe knows Bill Gates, one of the world’s richest man, a tech tycoon, founder of one of the pioneer companies in the world of technology. Well, as much as all the above mentioned phrases about him are true, it is also true that he is a voracious reader and a big bibliophile.

In his blog, he mentions about the books he is reading and all the books he is looking forward to read.

The mantra is that reading regularly differentiates ordinary from extraordinary.

The Problem

Every new reader or let’s say any person who is taking up the hobby of reading or even some intermediate readers always ask when is the best time to read the book.

Newbies say that they have a hard time concentrating when they pick up a book, even when they are able to concentrate, they always think how to grasp as much as possible from the book.

This leads to a question as when is the best time to read the book?

Time to read varies with the genre of the book

Being a parent is not easy.

Children, while growing up need your time. They seek to spend time with their mother as well as their father. In today’s digital era, a lot of parents after mingling with their kids for 5 minutes handover their mobiles to them which they use to watch videos of different kinds.

Well, this surely impairs the cerebral development of your kid but this is altogether a different topic and I won’t go into it right now, however, I will straight away come to the point that the best way of spending time with your kids is to read them a good motivational children’s book.

So, when is the best time to read a book to your kids?

It is just before dinner. Suppose you read a nice motivating story from a book to your girl before dinner then while dinner she is going to think about it, before sleeping the traces of the story will start sinking in her brain keeping her mind fresh and enthused.

This is going to leave a huge positive influence on her development.

Fiction - Suspense and Thriller genres

I, personally, am a fan of suspense and thriller genres. When I first picked ‘The Da Vinci Code’ to read, I would usually read it in the morning after I got up (there were summer holidays so no judging!).

But a few days later I felt that the mood was not setting in. ‘The Da Vinci Code’ which, I believe, is the most interesting novel of the earth was unable to catch my attention.

Then, one afternoon, after having lunch I picked it up again and suddenly on the same day, I found it being quite interesting. I repeated the thing the next afternoon and again the feeling was awesome.

My reader club friends also tried this thing and found that the pattern really made sense. Since then I have read a lot of suspense and thriller fiction work of authors such as David Baldacci, Ashwin Sanghi, Lee Child( my personal favorite) sticking to my afternoon reading pattern and boy !after three hours of long reading you get that nap which relaxes the muscles of your mind.

So, the bottom line is that the good time to read thriller fiction is in the afternoon.

Self Help

Well, self-help is a genre which is typically read by those people who are believers, who want to improve their way of living and who never back down no matter what life throws at them.

My strong recommendation to read a self-help book is in the evening between 5 – 7 pm. One thing is always suggested in most of the self-help book is that find some time when you can be totally alone and visualize all the beautiful things which you want in your life in that time.

Evening is the phase of the day when you can find such time. It’s the time when people commute or it’s the time when people take a little break from their work to talk a small walk enjoying the soft evening breeze.

The day is almost over when the evening approaches and you are already past work or school. So, the time when there is a lot of relaxation in the air imagine how your mind will react to the words which you’ll be reading from a self-help books.

If you commute daily, then sit by the window in the train or bus you use and open a self-help book, you will experience the fun yourself.

Best time to read academic books

More than 35% books listed in the used books store of bx-zone.com belong to educational genre. A lot of students, who want the content to remain in their head for a long time, are always in the search of the best time to read a book such that their mind could grasp the words read carefully and more thoroughly.

A lot of elders recommend students to read and study between 5 AM to 8 AM in the morning.

Feeling drowsy reading it?

Well, can’t help it because research has also shown that the mind remains in a very calm state after you get up early morning with negative thoughts staying far far away from you.

Hence, it is always recommended to the students to best utilize this 3 hours window in the morning to get maximum hold of the stuff in the book. Also, remember that the effort you are going to put in the morning to study a subject like Physics or chemistry is going to be much lesser than that you put in the afternoon.

You’re blessed

When you’re a voracious reader and you’re fond of books then, believe me, it’s the best thing which has happened to you because this habit has done miracles in the life of its readers.

If you’re planning to read and develop a book reading habit then also it’s fine because you’re approaching towards the best thing that could ever happen to you.

But, it would be better that the next time you pick up a novel in the afternoon or a self-help book to read in the evening you keep the smartphone at a good distance and try to not look at it even if you notice a buzz in it.

This will certainly prevent you from distraction and will let you utilize your reading time in the best possible way.

Cheers !

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