To all students : 12 Factors that will help you top the class?

How toppers study?

It’s almost every student’s dream to become a topper. If a class mate or a school mate of yours say that he/she doesn’t want to be a topper then either the person is lying or they do not even have the guts to dream of becoming a topper. May be they’re afraid of the perspiration which is required to become a topper.

May be they’re afraid or maybe they’re lying who cares! Our objective should never be to look at what others are not willing to achieve, rather it should always be what is achievable and what we want to achieve.

So, deep down if you want to be a topper of your school, college or at least class then before going to read out loud how toppers study it should be the will to become a topper. This will needs to be nurtured every day because tell me honestly, how many guys or girls in your class you have heard saying till now that they want to be toppers of the class.

They seem really animated on the first day and then the spirit starts diminishing with every passing day, after a certain amount of time, the spirit goes back to the most base level and that’s it, the dream of becoming a topper shattered.

Ask yourself this question who doesn’t want to be a topper? At the end of the day, everyone would enjoy the fame one would get on becoming one. The attention by the fellow colleagues, the professors, the relatives and last but never the least, parents.

In case you’re already a topper of the class then you’re welcome to share your comments on the content which is about to come now, however, if you’re thinking of becoming one then it is must to find out answers to how toppers study? What is toppers study time table or what is toppers’ study routine?

In this article, I have done my best to lay out what are the factors toppers have which distinguish them from the normal students. When do toppers wake up, how toppers study and few others, so open your eyes and keep reading further –

1. Work Hard

First and foremost of the toppers study tips is to work hard. A severe amount of attention is needed to be paid to this tip or advice because if you’re not willing to work hard or follow this tip at heart then you must close this article down as the rest of the tips won’t work. Study hard, make the relationship with those books of your bag and study table stronger than those which can distract you off your goal.

Do remember, there is a very famous saying that genius is 99% perspiration. To make the intention of working hard in your heart is going to shove you miles ahead in the journey of becoming a topper of your class.

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2. The 5 AM rule

In my life, I have met many toppers of school, college and class. I have this keenness to figure out what are those factors that separate out a normal guy from them. And one which came out in front after speaking to many such people over time is to wake up at 5 am.

Waking up at 5 am has not only helped students achieve their goals of acing the exams but many influential people of the planet like Mahatma Gandhi had this habit of waking up at 5 am and get to work.

It’s the time when the energy around you is so much positive with everyone around you asleep you get peace around you which is very high in positivity.

Don’t take me wrong, if you simply wake up at 5 am and keep sitting on the bed then it won’t do anything cool to you.

It requires jumping out of the bed max 10 minutes after you wake up and go straight to your study table.

3. Memorization

To be a topper in class you need to score good in exams; to score good in exams you need to write the answers within that stipulated time of the exam. To write the answers you must have the concepts memorized.

It’s more you retain once you read, the more you write in the exam and increase your chances of scoring great.

Well, an entire blog can be written on memorization techniques but I am sure that you realize how much memorizing and keeping things in mind for a long time can help.

One of the classic techniques of memorization is associating the concept you read with the real world.

For example if you read Boyle’s law in physics which is volume being inversely proportional to pressure, the way you can remember it is think of yourself watering plants in a garden with a hose.

If you squeeze the end of the hose with water flowing out of it, the flow of the water is going to increase means the pressure increases when volume reduces.

Thus, try to understand the concepts and work on memorizing them. It will help you a great deal.

4. Revise Revise Revise

It was necessary to put this topper tip just beneath memorization because it plays an important role. You study hard, you study concepts, you find answers to the questions given at the end of the chapter and you also memorize them but if you don’t revise, they will vaporize off your mind.

The next time you’re going to read the concept again, maybe after 2 months, you will get irritated because you already spent effort in reading and memorizing it but it doesn’t strike you now.

You feel as if you’re reading it for the first time. That’s why revision is must.

All the students who are toppers give 30% of their time to revision. I would recommend you to fix at least a couple of days, maybe an entire weekend for revising the concepts which you already read in past 2 weeks.

This will help your memorization skills vastly, plus, if you continue this practice of revising the concepts at regular intervals for the entire semester, the night before the exam will be a cake walk and your heart will be filled with that confidence which is required to be a topper.

5. Take a big dive in the source rather than looking out for a few selective questions

When I was in high school, I made this huge mistake of relying on question banks. I read heavily from the question banks of each subject & solved previous year question papers.

Although, I cleared the high school with distinction but this mode of study didn’t give me an edge over the guy who actually topped the class.

You know what was the difference? The topper knew how to study textbooks; he relied solely on the first and probably the bigger source of information i.e. textbooks.

Just by reading textbooks, the topper went far far ahead of us in marks. Let me tell you, I still remember, he scored 97 in science out of 100 and the next person scored, means the second highest marks scored were 82.

See the gap, it’s huge. The point is to read textbooks, take a deep dive directly in the pool of knowledge rather than relying on these small streams distributed from that pool of knowledge.

6. Study the entire semester

Most students are in the habit of getting in the study mode just one or one and a half months before the semester exam. Yes, this mode of study can get you past the boundary line and even help you score more than 60% in your semester exams but it won’t help you become the topper of the class.

Big results require big efforts. Becoming a topper requires you to sweat the entire semester or year. There are a ton of things for you to do, studying for the first time, making notes, revision, clarification of doubts and many more.

All these require time and you can’t expect yourself to get it clarified within a time-frame of 1 month.

In my conversation with several toppers, I have come to know that they are always ahead of their teachers, means, they already finish reading the chapters which the teachers would cover in the next 2-3 weeks. It gives them immense leverage over the content.

7. Sacrifice

The one thing which is more common in toppers and not in normal students is sacrifice. Whether it is the time of your favorite sitcom or simply, you’re missing on the conversation that the guests are having in the next room with your parents, toppers sacrifice all.

Every minute important if you have to achieve a goal, every second is important when you want to see your name at the top of the list and for that you need to make a lot of sacrifice. There is obviously a class of people with a different mindset altogether. These people say that there is only 1 life & we must enjoy it but ask yourself at this moment, “there’s only 1 life should I waste it or use it to become a shining entity?”.

8. Social cut-off

You must be wondering how social cutoff is different from sacrifice. You can say that sacrifice is a superset of social cutoff.

When you’re part of a family, or let’s say society, depending on the people surrounding you there are social gatherings, trips, and treks or simply grouping which act as time waster.

A topper tries to refrain him/her from these social engagements as much as possible. To attend these social engagements once every 3 months is okay but if you’re planning to do it once every fortnight or at any increased frequency then you’ll end up wasting your precious time which should be dedicated to studying.

Keep track of your time is very very important when you’re a student and are trying to score the highest marks in your school.

9. Emotional intelligence

Every topper or even some good professors I interacted with laid strong emphasis on ‘emotional intelligence’. The ability to be aware of, and control one’s own emotions is emotional intelligence which is a key to the success in student’s life.

Self-awareness, keeping a check on your emotions every day are a couple of things which you should do. You’re not going to feel emotionally strong on every day, the emotions like the game of see-saw but having a high emotional intelligence or at least working on it, can result in you being motivated enough every day to study in the same mode as you must do.

Bring your emotions in control and wonders in your result sheet will follow.

10. Write Write Write

I have already mentioned revision as a tool to the success in exams. It helps you retain what you studied. You can make revision more effective and efficient by writing things down. Yes, there is no doubt that it requires additional effort but it increases your retention power exponentially.

Once you practice writing down what you read and learnt, the next time when you open the same chapter for revision it will be really a cake walk.

11. Make notes

All the toppers have this common factor of making study notes and reading from them. You can do the same while listening to the professors in the classroom or you can spend post classroom hours in the library creating notes.

When you make study notes, you’re putting in your own style of writing on the paper which connects with you, so the next time you go to revise the stuff, which you wrote, your mind catches it easily giving you leverage.

Making study notes, reading from them and then writing them down again as a part of retention practice are the ingredients to make you a champion student.

12. Full attendance

Even though, I do not support this full attendance thing, sitting in the lectures, listening to what the professors are saying but when I surveyed the common things that toppers do then I found out that they are always have full attendance in the classroom.

Actually, there are certain aspects which are dependent on full attendance likes some internal exam marks or sessional etc which when added to your theory marks can shove you much ahead of others.

Since, attending the classroom every day is a common feature of the toppers, hence, I would recommend you to consider it as one of the things in your list of ‘how toppers study’.

Being topper is easy once you truly bring in all the above factors in your daily schedule. The answer to ‘How toppers study?’ doesn’t solely rely on studying but it is a combination of all the above factors that shape up the attitude.

As a writer of this article, I would definitely like to know that have you topped the class? What other points apart from the mentioned ones you believe should be on the study table of a student?

Let us know in the comments.

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