How to sell books online in India through’s used books store

sell old books online in India

In our customer contact forum, we get this question many times - how to sell used books online through your book store

Well, it’s a standard question and we don’t feel surprised by it because we always say that is an unorthodox books store.

It is just like a book store nearby with a few differences, the first one of which is its online used books store is used for buying as well as selling books online in India.

Second, it is dedicated to only second hand books, old books and used books. Third, it doesn’t buy or sell used books itself but its users do.

If the third point makes little sense to you that means you haven’t read our previous articles of, well don’t worry we’ll elaborate on the third point. So, students and book readers who have used books to sell list them in the used books store and students and book readers living in the same area or city, in need of those books, buy those by directly meeting them in person.

I hope this explains our third point.

Procedure to sell books online second hand

The process of selling old books online for cash is very easy on and is illustrated in below steps –

1. First of all, sign up on to create your free bx-zone account. The registration on bx-zone is absolutely free.

2. Login using your username and password to your bx-zone account.

3. On the homepage, in the main menu, you’ll find the menu item ‘sell used books/sell my books’.

4. Click on the menu item to open the form which is the answer to how to sell used books online.

5. Fill in the form with the detail of your book.

6. There are mandatory fields like Book Name, Book author, selling price, original price of the book, city in which you want to sell the book, which you must fill. There are optional fields like Publication which are up to you to fill.

7. You’ll notice a map next to the ‘sell my books’ form (below it if you’re accessing it from mobile). You must use it to set a book pick up point – the book’s pick up point may be any place where you would like to hand over your used books to the second hand book buyer. It can be the location of your building, your school, the nearest mall or even the soccer field.

8. Then the next step is to write a beautiful description of at least 100 chars. The more attractive description of your book will be, the more second hand book buyers will express interest in it.

9. After everything is entered, only one thing remains which is hitting the submit button, so, hit the submit button to list your second hand book online on

10. You can now check your book in the used books store or simply move on to entering the detail of the next used book.

After following the above 10 steps your used book will appear in the used books store ready to be seen by thousands of students, book readers, book worms and bibliophiles visiting bx-zone every week.

So, a student, who is looking to buy books at low price, sees your book and hits the contact owner button in order to express interest in it. As a result of which you’ll receive an email notifying that a user is interested in buying your book along with the contact details of the buyer.

Now, all you have to do is call the book buyer, speak with him about when he would like to collect the book, negotiate on the price with him/her and finally fix the deal.

Once the deal is fixed, meet the book buyer at the pick-up point at the agreed time to handover the books.

Do remember to collect money from the book buyer for the book.

Modify my Ads

Selling old books online can be easily accomplished using above steps but here is another question which we receive.

How I change the details of my listed used books?

This is an option which can be accessed from the used books store only.

You’ll find a menu item ‘More’ in the used books store clicking on which a new menu will drop down. In this new drop down, there is an item ‘Modify My Ads’, clicking on which a new page will open where you’ll see all the used books listed by you in the used books store.

At the end of each row there is an edit button. When you click on it, all the details of that particular book will be open for editing. You can update the details you want and hit the ‘update’ button.

All the edited details will now appear on the book profile page of that book. In simple words, the modified details of your book will now be updated.

Discounts on 2nd hand books

I am sure now you know where to sell books online for cash on and how to sell old books online of yours, but it’s very important to know about a factor which can really help your old books get sold superfast.


The selling price of the 2nd hand book decides 7 out of 10 times how fast that book is going to get sold. The remaining 3 times is actually the need of online book buyers but do keep in mind that there may be other used booksellers who are selling the same book at more discount.

Now, we are not recommending you to sell your books by kilo because that is not what bx-zone is all about, it is there to help book sellers to earn money from their used books.

Therefore, we recommend you to keep the discount around the average discount which prevails in the used books store.

The average discount seen on all the 7000 second hand books listed in the used books store ranges from 55-60%. If you list a book which is a famous one or a bestseller and you set the selling price such that the discount on it falls in the mentioned range then the chances of your book getting interest rapidly increase threefold.

Online book buyers of other cities than yours

It may happen to you that a second hand book buyer, not from your city, expresses interest in your book.

The choice is yours if you want to sell your book to the user living in other city. Let us tell you that there are many used booksellers of bx-zone who prefer to sell their used books to buyers living in other cities through cheap courier or regular post.

When you call the buyer to discuss on the deal, you can talk about splitting the courier cost or if it’s very minute in comparison to the selling price then you yourself can bear it. It’s totally up to you.

No convenience fee, no share in profit facilitates selling old books online in India, and for providing this service it doesn’t charge any commission fee or convenience fee from you. So, if you list 1 old book or 10 old books for sale, you don’t have to pay any convenience fee for it.

Moreover, when you sell old books to a user, the entire money which you receive goes in your own pocket. You don’t have to share any percentage of profit with

We hope that now all the questions about paying any kind of commissions or charges to are answered. The bottom line is is an absolutely free to use website for selling old books online for cash to people living near you.

Have you sold listed your book in the used books store for selling it?

Did you know about all of these options before?

Let us know in comments.

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