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Books store is a place which is rich in knowledge; only if knowledge were tangible or at least had a translucent form you could see it coming out and getting into each and every bookshelf accompanying air.

And where is all this knowledge stored in? The answer is obvious BOOKS.

Importance of BOOKS

Yes, Books have the capability to change your life for the good. They bring inside you the desire to learn, work and especially grow. If you embrace books then so many awesome things can happen to you.

1. You get a new stock of hope in your heart.

2. Good Books make you think, generate ideas and be creative.

3. If you think of yourself as an ordinary person, books will turn you into extraordinary over time.

It is said and proven that books are a human’s most loyal friend. If you embrace reading books then there is no give and take relation between you & books, books will only give you each time you read them & won’t take anything from you.

Obviously, reading books is not everyone’s cup of tea. People buy brand new books thinking they will read them and would develop a reading habit but the consistency lacks often which doesn’t allow the reading habit to build. We have an altogether complete article on building the reading habit which you must read.

But the reading habit needs to be developed in order to unleash the indefinite power of books upon you.

As a parent, the best gift you can give to your children is reading books aloud to them. Several studies around the world have laid emphasis on reading books for kids; reading books to kids makes you spend quality time with them, it instills reading habit during their development phase, and in long term there are big rewards for your children.

Buying brand new books and not reading them

A phenomenon of buying brand new books and not reading them is common among the beginner readers. People are often not able to adapt to this strategy, because they their new desire of reading books & developing a reading habit has not turned into passion.

So, unless your desire turns into passion, I would recommend you to spend as less amount on books as possible because by doing so, you’ll get rid of the pressure built, telling you every time that ‘I bought the books, I spent so much money on these books and I am not reading them’.

To be honest, this pressure of not reading books after spending so much money leads to procrastination and thus, you bid adieu to the habit of reading books which you could have built.

Learn more than your peers within minutes

bx-zone, the books store of 2nd hand books

Then what’s the solution to the above problem, it is simple, find a second hand bookstore near you from which you can buy second hand books or used books.

In this way, you’ll end up buying books at low price which you can read to develop an eternal reading habit.

Now, speaking of second-hand books, few questions must be popping in your mind like

Which is the second hand bookstore near me?

Is there any online second hand bookshop from which I can buy used books?

If there is a second hand bookstore online then what is the procedure of buying used books?

Being a student apart from old novels for sale, does it also sell used textbooks?

So, let me introduce you to the Online used bookstore, which also happens to be the answer to all these questions listed above. This books store of used books, old books, second hand books, pre-owned books is better known as bx-zone.com.

Bx-zone.com is a books store from which you can buy second hand books online in India, doesn’t matter which city you’re in.

In a while, I am going to tell you about its operational model through which you will get the point why I am telling that you can buy used books online in India anywhere through bx-zone.

The components of bx-zone.com

There are 2 stores in bx-zone which I believe you must be acquainted with – the first one being the used books store and the second one being the wish-store.

1. Used Books store – The used books store is the primary books store of bx-zone.com. It is in this store you will find all the 2nd hand books for sale. Beneath every 2nd hand book, you’ll notice the name of the city it is available in along with the discount on the book. Thousands of second hand books from more than 200 cities of India are available for sale online at some amazing discounts and this is the online component of bx-zone from which you buy books cheaply.

The used books store boasts old novels for sale, it has got used textbooks available at some very low prices. It has got second hand engineering books for you as well as second hand NCERT books for you too. I will tell more on the genres of used books available in this books store very shortly.

2. WishStore – The Wish Store is the secondary books store of bx-zone. At times, it is possible that someone may not get any book he/she is searching for, in the city, so what they do then? As a solution, bx-zone has provided wish-store where you can raise a book-wish. This book-wish is then seen by thousands of used booksellers who visit the wish-store every week, and let’s say if one of them has your book, you’ll be contacted and you can buy the book directly from the person.

Wish store acts like a book shopping cart for you but the nature is kind of different. It’s like you keep the name of the book in the book shopping cart, let it float around the country & someone who can fulfill your book-wish will see the name of the book and sell you his/her used book.

The concept behind bx-zone.com

I already mentioned that bx-zone is a website from where you buy used books online in India but let me tell you, it is a website through which you can sell used books online in India as well.

Does bx-zone itself buys used books from you?

No, bx-zone.com doesn’t buy any second hand books from its users. It neither sells any used books to its second hand books buyers, however, the online sell and buy of books is actually done by the users themselves.

bx-zone.com is based on the idea of the used booksellers selling books online to the online books buyers living in the same city directly.

The used booksellers are none but students, book readers, bookworms, bibliophiles who want to sell their used books because they do not intend to read them again.

The online books buyers again are none but students, book readers, bookworms, bibliophiles who want to buy second hand books and save money on them.

So, the used booksellers list their old books for sale in the used books store, the online books buyers, in need of those books, living in the same city buy them by directly meeting the used booksellers.

What genres of second hand books are available on bx-zone.com?

Bx-zone.com is highly reliant on its used booksellers, let’s say its users, who have old books to sell. It’s stock of second hand books comes from its users who act as the book sellers on bx-zone, and one important thing to note is that the used booksellers on bx-zone are individuals.

Due to this model, bx-zone’s used books store is full of books of multiple genres. It gets introduced to the exquisite taste in books of different individuals when they list their 2nd hand books for sale.

On one hand, you’ll find second hand Harry Potter books and on the other hand, you’ll find novels by Chetan Bhagat too. In post-apocalyptic fiction, Hunger Games books series is available for you at great discount and if you’re interested in some mythological 5th century melodrama, then Games of Thrones books are available here for sale at amazing discounts too.

Academic books/Competitive examination books

The online used bookstore of bx-zone is rich in academic books. A lot of used textbooks of various grades or classes can be found here available for sale at deep discounts.

Not only school textbooks, but college textbooks also are found at very low price in the used books store. Second hand engineering books, second hand ncert books for classes 9,10,11, 12 and for UPSC are readily available her for sale.

A medical student, a doctor in making truly understands how expensive medical textbooks are. bx-zone.com comes to the rescue because not only a medical student buys second hand medical books from the used books store but a medical student puts his used medical books for sale in order to earn a decent amount from them.

Nevertheless, any student can’t undermine the role of the competitive exam books in his/her life. They are really costly and imagine getting those competitive exam books at deep discounts of 60%.

You’ll save a lot of money or may I say, a lot of your parents’ money.

bx-zone’s users have listed study material and books of almost all the competitive exams which are conducted in India however, some of them are worth mentioning here –

1. IIT JEE study material and books of math, physics, chemistry used in jee preparation

2. GATE study material

3. GRE books and study material

4. Books , Guides and study material used in NEET preparation

5. CAT study material of various reputed institutes


When you’ve used books to buy from a second hand bookshop, what word comes to your mind? The answer is obvious, discount.

And, bx-zone is increasingly becoming famous because it helps you buy books at low price. Buying used books from the used books store, at times saves you as high as 90% of the original price of the book.

However, the discounts in the used books store vary with each book because bx-zone, completely gives its used booksellers the liberty to decide the selling price of the books.

So, for example a user may offer IIT JEE study material 30% discount, the same iit jee study material can be offered by a different student at 50% and another student may offer the same material at 75% discount.

So, the point I am trying to make here is that the discount varies because the users decide them on their used books.

In spite of that, the average discount seen on the second hand books on bx-zone.com is between 59 and 63%.

These discounts have always attracted the second hand book buyers and thus, the sale of old books online is taken advantage of by students and book readers every day.

The win-win situation

A user who has got old books to sell, lists those old books for sale in the used books store.

Once, a buyer expresses interest in those books and buys them, the book-seller earns money.

This money is earned from the used books which the user never intended to read again, which he uses to buy more second hand books from bx-zone.

On the other hand, the buyer gets to buy books at low price, much lower than the price at which those books have been available brand new.

On bx-zone, one user’s profit is another user’s savings, plus, when you buy books online second hand or when you sell second hand books online through bx-zone, imagine the contribution which you’re making to the environment by saving paper.

Don’t you think it’s a win-win situation for everyone?

What is the goal of bx-zone?

bx-zone.com’s goal is to promote reading in India, and in the world.

It aims to bring in millions and millions of 2nd hand books from each city of India and the countries it is operational in such that millions and millions of students and book worms get access to books at lowest price.

And, in this process let millions and millions of students, book worms and book readers earn money from their old, used books.

What is the fee bx-zone.com charges for providing its services?

Like, I mentioned that bx-zone.com’s goal is to promote reading in India and in the world. It wants you to become a go to place when you think of ‘second hand books near me’ or simply ‘books store near me’.

It cares about the savings of the online books buyers as well as its used booksellers, hence it neither charges any convenience fee nor any commission fee for providing its services.

It is an absolutely free to use Indian website for selling second hand books and to buy used books. When you buy a book from a person then you only pay the selling price of the book to the person and nothing to bx-zone.com.

Likewise, when you sell your used books to a user, the money you receive from the user is entirely yours, bx-zone.com doesn’t ask you to share your profit with it.

So, have you already sold or bought a book from bx-zone.com?

If yes, which book was it and in which city you bought it?

What’s your thought on this article? Do let us know

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