8 light read Books for amateurs to build a reading habit

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There is a big question which every novice reader faces once in his life – how to build a reading habit?

Well, we already have an article for you to assist on building a reading habit for perpetuity but several students and new readers still have a further question – which books to choose to support building the reading habit?

The choice of books at the beginning of building a reading habit is quite important. You can’t start with a self-help book or a biography because they are quite philosophical and spiritual in nature which won’t support you in the initial phase.

Many years ago when the bug of reading entered my mind, I became enthusiastic and suddenly over enthusiastic.

In that over-enthusiasm, I picked Napoleon Hill’s masterpiece ‘Think and Grow rich’ to read. Believe me, it’s the one of the best self-help books published till date but when I first picked it up after a few pages, I couldn’t read it simply because my over enthusiasm plummeted to zero.


Because I picked up the right book at the wrong time.

I somehow finished it but it wasn’t a good experience for me; I just finished it for the sake of finishing it.

For all the readers out there in their beginning phase, I wouldn’t want you guys to go through the same stuff I went through and thus to smoothen your process of building a reading habit following are the books which you should pick up as an amateur reader (just choose your favorite genre)


The Famous Five

The famous five is a 21 Novel series written by Enid Blyton. The Famous five is about five children and their dog who take up a new adventure in each book.

The books are all about lost treasure, criminals and how the children beat the criminals. The Famous five is a great portrayal of team work, the children put in, to solve the mysteries.

This novel is a light read book; it can be your first book as an amateur reader and let me tell you, though, it seems to be a children book but is one of the best books to start from.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is also one of the novels which a person who wants to get into the world of reading, must take up in the first place.

But remember, readers often make a mistake of buying this novel without looking at the language inside as this was written in the 18th century by a British writer in original English which today becomes a little hard to understand.

So, if you want to enjoy Sherlock Holmes, make sure the book is not thick, has stories cut in chapters with a language modified to suit the current times.

Hercule Poirot

Hercule Poirot is another fictional best detective of the world created by Agatha Christie. For first time readers, ‘The Murder of Roger Acroyd’ can be the best one because this book has the capability to hold you spellbound till the last page just for you to find that actually the murderer was ……. Wait!! what am I doing? I won’t be a spoiler.


The Krishna Key

The Krishna Key is the third novel of Ashwin Sanghi. The novel is about a history professor who is accused with the charges of murder of his own friend.

The thing that makes this thriller interesting is that it revolves around the character of Lord Krishna. The author travels from Dwarka, where Lord Krishna reigned as a King, to Vrindavan, where he grew up to prove his innocence and catch the killer who is on a killing spree.

This is a kind of novel which, as an amateur reader, you must give a shot because first of all it is related to post Mahabharata period and second it is one of the thrillers which will hold you engrossed in it for longer periods.

Five Point Someone

This fiction work of the author Chetan Bhagat is immensely popular. In the last decade, this novel has ruled the hearts of several engineering graduates and still continues to do so.

As mentioned by the author, it is the story of the author himself from his engineering days; to read the story of friendship, hanging out, studying and all the things which could happen if you didn’t think straight during engineering this is the best novel.

The reason why it is mentioned in the list is because several of my own friends begin tasting reading with this novel.

The Kite Runner

Even if you’re remotely interested in reading emotional drama then you must get your hands on ‘The Kite Runner’. There are a couple of scenes in the novel because of which I would strictly not recommend to the people under 18 years of age.

It’s an emotional saga of a child’s fight with this guilt of not saving his friend from an emotional and physical shaky incidence which gets over in the end.

I have seen people crying after reading this novel, it’s written in such a way. Taking up this novel in the initial phase will be very healthy for developing reading habit.

Can you keep a secret?

Another novel of the genre ‘drama/relationships’. This novel by Sophie Kinsella is truly worth reading.

Its plot is fantastic and if you ever thought of reading good or knowing a little more on relationships then this novel will captivate you.

The protagonist is in a dull relationship and when she finds herself in a turbulent plane only to believe that she will die, starts revealing her big secrets to the passenger in the next seat.

After the plane successfully lands begins the twisted events.

Isn’t it intriguing?

Life is how you make it by Preeti Shenoy

While writing this article, I had this novel always in my mind but I saved it for the last. Initially, I mentioned about ‘Think and Grow rich’ (a brilliant self-help book) which of course I could not mention in this list of books but this list wouldn’t be complete without a self-help book.

‘Life is what you make it’ is a story of love and hope, courage and determination. Although it’s a fiction but its effects will be that of a self help book and certainly it’s a light read.

It’s a tale about a girl who kind of aced in her life, her studies and her relationship and then life knocked her to the ground by giving her bipolar disorder, but due to her sheer will and determination she rose above her circumstances.

What do you think of the list of books? Have you already any of these books as an amateur reader? Which book of this list will you be starting to read?

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