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In my previous article about the online used bookstore of bx-zone, I mentioned that the number of second hand books has crossed 7000 in the store. But, even after that sometimes it happens that the book you need is either sold or not available in your city.

In the latter case, the second hand book sellers on bx-zone.com are very generous and most of them prefer to sell their books to online book buyers living in other city but there are cases when it doesn’t happen.

And there are some books, for example, Harrison’s principle of internal medicine (I chose to mention this book because I just saw it up in the used books store before writing this article, nothing more) which get sold very quickly and if you’re late by even an hour the deal on the book is done and it gets sold.

What’s the remedy to this issue?

Isn’t there any way by which you can get a book seller to directly contact you without expressing interest in his/her book?

The solution is the wish store of bx-zone.com

Wish-store is the secondary books store of bx-zone.com. It has been created with the motive to assist second hand book sellers sell their second hand books directly to the buyer who needs it.

So, the users, mostly students, book worms, book readers and bibliophiles who somehow, are not able to obtain the books they need from the online used bookstore of bx-zone.com raise their book wishes here in the wish-store.

These book wishes are then visible to thousands of used booksellers who visit bx-zone.com every week, and they look forward to selling books online to the user who raised the book-wish.

Book wishes in the wish-store

Wish-store is simpler compared to the used books store. The book wishes are displayed in a group of three in each row. There are no pages to compartmentalize the wishes in the wish-store so you can utilize the browser’s search utility if you want to find a particular book.

A book wish in the wish store starts with the name of the 2nd hand book needed by the person who is wishing the book.

It is followed by the Author name of the book which follows the label ‘By:’.

The third piece of information is optional which reveals the publication house of the book.

And then comes the city in which the user resides, Actually, it is more sort of in which city the 2nd hand book is requested in, which is why, it is denoted by the label ‘Wanted in’.

Last but not the least is the status of the book wish which says ‘Still on Request’ when the person making the wish hasn’t got his book wish fulfilled and ‘Received’ otherwise, if the wish is fulfilled.

Filters in the wish store

There are a couple of filters in the wish store by which you can categorize the book wishes. These filters exist in the left side of the wish store when viewed from a laptop or a desktop machine, however, if you’re accessing the wish store from mobile then you just need to click the small book icon on the top left to open the filters.

The first filter is the city pane which shows the list of the cities from which the book wishes have been listed. Click on any of those cities and only the book wishes from those cities in particular will show up.

The second filter is that of the category, you can of course, combine this filter with the city one to find book wishes belonging to a particular category and listed from the selected city.

More information on each category can be found in my other article on the online used bookstore of bx-zone.com.

Online Book Wishes

You’ll find various types of book wishes in the wish store. Since the online used bookstore of bx-zone has so many second hand books of various genres and authors so it is obvious that the books requested here will be very much peculiar in their genres.

Some of the most seen book wishes on the wish store include –

1. SSC general awareness

2. Aakash NEET/AIIMS needed in Rudrapur

3. NCERT VI to X books needed in Bangalore

4. Indian Polity needed in Chennai

5. Pokemon Books needed in Kolkata

6. I will teach you to be rich needed in New Delhi

7. Coastal Hydrodynamics needed in Hyderabad

8. Take it seriously(Osho) in New Delhi

So, if you have any of these books and you want to sell them off, approach the owner of book wish by clicking on the links above.

How to fulfill a book wish in the wish store?

It is very easy to fulfill a book wish or in easy words, let’s say to sell your used books directly to the second hand book buyers making the wishes.

The process of selling books online is quite similar to the used books store and is illustrated in below steps –

1. Sign up on bx-zone.com first to create your free bx account if you haven’t already made it.

2. Login to your account.

3. Go to the wish-store by clicking on the menu item of the same name in the homepage.

4. Find the book wish there which you can fulfil, in order to do that simply search for the book name in the wish-store to check if someone wants the exact same book which you want to sell.

5. You can also use the filters to narrow your search in the store.

6. Once you find the book wish which you can fulfil, just click on it to open its profile page.

7. Hit the contact owner button which you’ll find below in the wish profile page to express interest in the wish.

8. The buyer of the book will contact you to discuss on the deal, at this moment you can specify the selling price of the book; you both will also fix the meeting point as well as the meeting time to finally fix the deal.

9. You can then meet the book buyer at the agreed place, at the agreed time to handover your used books.

10. Collect the amount from the book buyer which you fixed, at the same time.

So, this is the way using which you can sell your second hand books directly to the second hand book buyers through the wish store of bx-zone.com

How to raise book wishes in the wish-store?

The process of online sell and buy is very easy on bx-zone.com and so, is the process of listing your used books in the used books store as well as listing your book wishes in the wish store.

I give the process to raise a book wish in below points –

1. If you’re not a bx-zone user yet, then be one quickly by signing up.

2. Login to your account.

3. Click on the wish books item in the main menu of the homepage.

4. Fill in the form with the details of the book which you need.

5. The mandatory fields are very less in here; if you don’t know the author and the publication of the book then you can, of course, skip it. However, I personally recommend people to give as much information as possible in their book wishes so it is preferred to enter both the details.

6. Hit the submit button to finally list your book wish.

7. Now, you can check your book wish in the wish store which will be the first item on the top or you can go ahead and raise a second book wish.

So, isn’t the process very easy of buying second hand book online through the wish store?

Free to use website to buy used books online through wishes

Bx-zone.com is a free to use website for selling and buying used books. You can read more about it in detail in this article describing bx-zone.com.

I believe you must have guessed by now the point I am trying to make here, but still it is my responsibility to explicitly specify that either you sell used books online in India anywhere through wish store or your graceful wish gets fulfilled by one of the second hand book sellers of bx-zone.com, you don’t have to pay any commission fee or any convenience fee to bx-zone.

The Final Word

Several ecommerce websites provide you with the facility of wish-list where you put the products which you are interested to buy in future.

Bx-zone.com has provided you with an entire store for your book wishes to get you access to books at low price.

However, like every other wish is associated with patience you need to associate your book wishes with patience before someone in your vicinity or at least in your city contacts you to fulfil them.

How did you find this article?

Are you a registered user of bx-zone.com? If yes, have you used wish store till yet?

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