I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Author : Ramit Sethi
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New Delhi Money & Investment
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bx-zone.com says :-
This Newyork times best seller has been written by Ramit Sethi who runs a blog by the same name. In this book, he teaches students, not students, infact everyone to live a life financially independent instead of living a frugal one. You can learn to manage personal finance better, save more and also generate some side income. He actually depicts a six week programme for people to become financially dependent, save and invest in areas where their money grows while they are sleeping. All the ideas given in this book are really practical and easily adaptable making this book as one of the best books teaching you to be rich. Non-readers really criticize that nobody could get rich by reading books but to them a question is posed why all the billionaires and CEOs of the world read so many books per month, per year. Read the book, follow the techniques, be patient and the book will do its magic. I Will Teach You To Be Rich will really make you rich.

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