Take it real seriously

Author : Osho
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New Delhi Miscellaneous
Grace publishing

Love this book, but it's very costly, and I like it so much, if somebody having it, and want to sell.

bx-zone.com says :-
Spirituality is something that even doctors believe in because everyone in this world believes through his or her life experiences that there are powers beyond science, even there is so much science remaining to be found out.We all know Osho, the Indian spiritual leader famous for his own set of religious views and teachings. He has got followers all over the world and even some of the actors and politicians of India were his followers. ‘Take it real seriously’ is a book by Rajneesh Osho which is highly priced and is not easily available, so, if you have this book and you want to sell it to this book wish then contact the user above through bx-zone.com. The first step to spirituality starts from reading books on spirituality, embracing the fact that there are powers beyond awareness, and then practice it.This book could be the first step towards spirituality by the book-wisher

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