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For exams. NCERT VI to X textbooks needed in Mangalore.Hit the button above to contact. says :-
Almost every school in India is affiliated to NCERT/CBSE. That means millions of children are using ncert textbooks for gaining knowledge and education. Ncert textbooks and of course, the teachers teaching them are what transform their future.So, be it Mathematics or Science or Social studies of any class NCERT has set up its curriculum and thus creates its textbooks according to the syllabus. The purpose is the same, right development of students according to their age. Well, if you have NCERT books needed in this book wish then of course you can press the ‘contact owner’ button above to sell them to book wish owner. Wish Store of provides a great way to do it.Established in 1961,some brilliant minds have also cracked JEE by just reading the textbooks of National Council of Educational Research and Training

(500 chars only) I have many books of 6th -12th