Indian Polity

Author : Lakshmikanth
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Chennai Competitive Examinations

Need this book 'Indian Polity' by M Lakshmikanth in Chennai. Please contact.. says :-
This book is the most trending book in the books store of It receives a lot of engagement and if you’re a seller of this book then perhaps you can list in the used books store only to receive a ton of interest from the second hand book buyers. If is the most famous book out there which is being read especially by students preparing for civil services examinations like UPSC. It is a good source of knowledge about Indian constitution, working of legislatures and various other aspects which fall under the purview of governing the nation. Through the wish store of bx-zone, the user has raised a book wish for Indian Polity in case you can fulfill it press the ‘contact owner’ button above. One of the most popular books among students who dream of securing highly respected government jobs

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