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In my previous article, I wrote all about the online books store, telling you how it creates a win-win situation by helping online books buyers get access to books at low price as well as helping students and book readers earn money from their used books.

In this article, I am going to talk about the primary books store of, the used books store.

The used books store is the soul of where more than 7000 second hand books, used books, old books, pre-owned books are available for sale at great discounts. These books have been listed by the used booksellers who are students, book worms, book readers and bibliophiles from more than 200 cities of India.

Students and book readers who have some books in their book-shelf or study table, which they do not intend to read again list them here in the used books store so that the students and the book readers living in the same city as theirs can buy those used books by meeting them in person.

Describing the used books store

The used books store can be opened by visiting the Homepage of In the main menu, you’ll find a menu item ‘used books store’ clicking on which you can open it.

Once, the used books store opens you’ll see books listed in the right pane. There are 3 books in each row when seen on a laptop or a big screen and in all 13 such rows on the first page.

This means that 39 second hand books are visible at first when you open the store. If you scroll down there is a water green color ‘Load More’ button beneath the 13th row.

Clicking on this ‘load more’ button brings you the next set of 39 books in front of you in addition to the first 39 which you saw when you visited the books store.

So, clicking on the ‘load more’ button every time will bring you the next set of 39 books.

The search utility

You can use the ‘load more’ button to surf around the bx-zone’s online books store but if you are specific about a book which means, that if you have a book in mind to buy then you can use the search utility at the top of the books store.

It’s a simple search box in which you can type in the name of a book, or name of the author of the book you’re looking for, or simply the keywords pertaining to a book. There is a search button next to the search box so, after you type in the relevant keywords you can hit the button to display the 2nd hand books related to your search.

All the related books will then appear in the used books store for your selection.

2nd hand books

Each book which appears online here in the used books store has some information attached to it. The first is the name of the book just beneath the photo of the book.

Beneath the name of the book, there is the name of the author. Below, the author name there are 2 labels, the left one is the statoos of the book and the right one is the city this particular book is available in.

There are 2 status of the book one is ‘on sale’ and the other one is ‘sold’. I believe they are very self-explanatory.

Moving down further, you encounter 3 more labels in the same row, the one on the extreme left is the original price of the book, the middle one is the selling price of the book and the one on the extreme right in green is the bx-discount available on the book.

An important thing to note is that the selling price of any book listed in the online second hand bookstore of bx-zone is decided by the used booksellers. The student or the book reader selling books online decide the selling price of the books, bx-zone doesn’t; in many cases, you’ll find the same book listed in the store at varying discounts because it was listed by two different users of

Filters in the used books store

The pane on the left hand side consists of a couple of filters to categorize the books in the used books store.

You’ll have to hit the small book icon at the top left corner if you’ve opened in mobile to open the filters.

The first filter in the left pane is the ‘city’. Just clicking on any of the cities in the list is going to bring the second hand books available in that city. You can choose multiple cities from the pane too and the book listed from those cities will show up.

There is also a textbox at the top which you can use to directly go down to the city in the ‘city list’ very quickly.

Moving on to the next filter which is ‘category’

Following are the categories under which all the second hand books in the online used books store of bx-zone fall –

1. Educational – All the academic books, used textbooks, study material, previous year exam papers, second hand engineering books, second hand medical books ,ncert books and more such books fall under this category.

2. Biography – This category will show up all biographies and autobiographies listed by the used booksellers of

3. Business and Management – Mostly used books for MBA, BBA students, management books etc will appear when you select this category.

4. Money & Investment – Books like ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, ‘ The Intelligent Investor’ , as well as several other books on investments, money making fall under this category.

5. Computers, Mobile and Digital – Books on several programming languages like JAVA,C++ ,C# etc, books on database systems, and several books related in any way to computers and mobile appear when you check this category.

6. Competitive examinations – India is a country of careers and to build a career you need take admission in right colleges, and how do you get admissions there? Through competitive examinations. This category contains large number of books and study material of various competitive examinations like IIT JEE, GATE, GRE, NEET and many more.

7. Fiction – When you’re a bookworm, a voracious book reader, fiction books and novels are what you’re mostly interested in. bx-zone, apart from thousands of used textbooks, boasts thousands of novels and fiction books on sale under this category. Second hand Harry Potter books , Game of thrones , Hunger Games , Shiva Trilogy are few fiction books appear galore in this category.

8. Children – Books for children appear under this category. If you’re fond of reading to your kids then for sure you can buy books from bx-zone at great discounts. Books like ‘Diary of a wimpy kid , secret seven , the little mermaid and other stories are up for sale under this category.

9. PhilosophyMy Gita by Devdutt Patnaik, Men are from mars women are from venus,The last lecture , Freakonomics etc are some great modern day books on Philosophy. If you’ve got some great taste in philosophy then this is the category for you.

10. Religion & Spirituality – When a reader grows further and becomes a more mature reader, believe it or not, his interest for once diverts towards this genre. The readers tries to understand what the actual meaning of the religion is which he/she has been practicing all their life.

11. Self Help – Personally, this is my favorite category of the used books store. Surely, a human can turn the tables around, can change the complete picture of his/her life by picking and reading books from this category.‘Think and grow rich’, ‘Touch the sky’, ‘The Alchemist’ are some commonly known self-help books and guess what! they are up for sale on

12. Miscellaneous – There are few books about which the used booksellers are always confused as to which category they belong. In this case, the category they select is Miscellaneous.

How to buy second hand books online from

When telling you so much about the used books store, it will be unfair if I didn’t tell you how to buy books second hand from

The process of book buying is very easy and is illustrated in below steps –

1. Sign up on to create your free bx-zone account.

2. Login to your bx-zone account.

3. On the homepage, in the main menu, you’ll notice an item ‘used books store’. Click on it to go to the used books store.

4. You can use the search utility, the city pane or the category pane to narrow down your search to only the related 2nd hand books which you’re looking for.

5. When the related books appear, click on the books which you want to buy to open their profile pages.

6. On the book’s profile page, you’ll find map which will display the exact location where the book can be collected.

7. Beneath it, there is a contact owner button which, as the name suggests, shoots an email to the book seller notifying him that you’re interested in their book.

8. The book owner then calls you to discuss on the deal.

9. At this moment, you can negotiate on the price of the book and fix the deal at last.

10. Meet the book-seller at the pick-up point to collect the books.

11. Pay the seller then and there to finish the transaction.

‘Where to get second hand books?’ had always been a major problem when I was a student. Even though Internet was there back then too, but there was hardly any second hand bookstore online at that time, but now, we’re glad that’s online used bookstore is serving as the solution to the question of ‘where to buy second hand books online?’.

Therefore, when you have used books to buy in India then do remember that is the books store where you will find second hand books near you.

No commission fee nor any convenience fee is charged from you when you buy books from the used books store, the only money you pay is to the used book-seller which is the selling price of the book.

So, have you already bought 2nd hand books from

Which book was it? Would you share the name here?

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