Think and grow rich

Author : Napoleon hill
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Paperback of think and grow rich it's not at all used . says :-
Based on 13 Napoleon Hill success principles from his 20 years of research of the most successful people, Think and Grow Rich came out in the year 1937 amidst the mist of the Great depression. Since, then millions of copies and have been sold till date of this book. It basically focuses on the importance of your imagination, precisely, on your dreams. It gives a strong message about dreaming and no matter what happens protecting your dreams from all the negative thoughts entering a human mind every day. Coupled with hardwork, persistence, faith, autosuggestion your dreams will turn themselves into reality. Get hold of this book at a discount of 40% only from the book store of India dedicated to used books, Think and grow Rich chapters are rich in positivity and it’s a must read book for everyone.

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