The Little Mermaid And Other Stories

Author : Hans Christian Andersen
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I bought it 1 month ago and it is in good condition. No defects or missing , yellow pages just one pen marking is there. It's an amazing collection of fairy tales for children.. says :-
I bet once in a lifetime you must have watched the little mermaid cartoon on television. A fantasy character’s tragic story for children authored by Hans Christian Andersen. The mermaid goes to the surface after reaching a certain age where she sees a prince on the verge of dying due to a boat wreck. She saves the prince and falls in love with him. Then begins her craving to transform into a human soul. The plot of Little mermaid is very interesting, the best part is that such an idea popped in the mind of the author in the 18th century. It’s definitely a must read for you available at 60% in the books store of

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