The Intelligent Investor

Author : Benjamin Graham
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The Intelligent Investor teaches famous investor Benjamin Graham's value investing approach to aspiring investors to help them generate steady profits in the long-term . says :-
A person who is even remotely associated with the world of investing or who invests in stocks must be knowing the significant name of Benjamin Graham. Supposedly, if you haven’t heard of him, then you must google him and try to get yourself familiar with this popular investing Guru. Benjamin Graham was also the mentor and teacher of the famous Warren Buffet. Although, Warren Buffet has its own set of principles but his foundation has also been ‘value investing’. Today when Benjamin Graham is no more in this world still, he is the best teacher of value investing ever encountered in the world.If you’re asking how is he the best teacher yet well, the answer is through the book The Intelligent Investor which is available at a discount of 83% in the online second hand bookshop of Read The Intelligent Investor, learn to invest, share your attitude and be rich.

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