6 cool used Bookstores in Denver that will save you lot of money on books

6 used bookstores in Denver

Denver is an amazing city protected by snow-capped mountains but do you know that it some amazing used bookstores as well.

Book lovers and book readers passing through or staying in Denver always have this big opportunity of getting their hands on some incredible paperbacks or hardbound books in exchange for paying little money.

If you’re that book reader who is seeking answers for questions like ‘where to sell used books in Denver?’ or ‘which are some good bookstores in Denver?’ then this article is the right fit for you, which is why you should read it till the end.


Your ultimate destination to sell used books in Denver is bx-zone.com; bx-zone is an internet used bookstore that is based on the concept of students and book readers selling their used books to students and book readers in Denver.

All you have to do is upload your used books in the used bookstore of bx-zone and you’ll find them being shown to the visitors of bx-zone.

The online book buyers who are in search of the books you uploaded will press the contact owner button on your book’s profile page to contact you. Once you receive the email, you get in touch with them using any mode of communication and fix the deal.

You then meet the book buyer and handover your used books to them. In return, the book buyer will pay you.

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Kilgore Books

Kilgore Books is one of the best used bookstores in Denver where you’ll find some cool first editions, if you’re a book collector.

This used bookstore in Denver has a great collection of books on Sci-Fi, Philosophy, History, Colorado/Denver local, literature and fantasy.

Kilgore Books has a small true crime section which you must check out if you’re visiting it for the first time as you’d definitely find some priceless gems. If you’re a comic book buff then this bookstore has a nice selection of Comic Books as well for you.

Both hardback and paperback used books are available in this used bookstore for book lovers and voracious readers.

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Broadway Book Mall

When you are on a budget and you still need to buy books in significant quantity then visit Broadway Book Mall.

Broadway Book Mall is a used bookstore located at 200 S Broadway Denver which is a must-visit even if you’re passing by Denver.

The books are inexpensive, and it seems as if the bookshelves are overwhelmed with books.

Seeing stacks of books kept in the little space upfront the already occupied bookshelves is so common in this bookstore.

The shelves are organized by genre which makes it easy to directly spot the section you’re interested in.

You will find books in the Sci-Fi genre, fiction, lots and lots of comic books as well as a lot of horror books. You will find rare as well as vintage books at a cheap price.

Moreover, you will surely enjoy the interaction with Steve who seems like the most interesting and amicable person you’ve ever met.

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50/50 Bookstore

50/50 Bookstore is a community bookstore that works on a pay-what-you-can model.

Although, 50/50 bookstore is a used bookstore in Denver you can’t make the mistake of taking its quality book collection for granted.

The 50/50 bookstore has a great collection of books covering all genres. You will find some priceless books in fiction, non-fiction, young adult, children’s categories.

In addition, the bookstore also has an amazing selection of literary classics in addition to some priceless vintage reads. The bookstore is small but neatly organized to make your experience pleasant.

When you buy books from this bookstore, you’re indirectly doing a good deed because 50% of the money you pay goes to the charitable organization that this bookstore partners with.

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Park Hill Community Bookstore

Park Hill Community Bookstore is a used bookstore in the Park Hill neighborhood of Denver that has a great collection of books on travel, Sci-Fi, Cooking, mysteries, history, biographies, sports, children’s books and young adults.

The number of books that this bookstore has is approximately 17000 with the first floor of its three-floor building full of mysteries, the main floor containing children’s books, fiction and some popular non-fiction books with the basement holding books on various subjects such as travel, Sci-Fi, cooking, gardening, parenting,biographies and religion.

The ParkHill Community Bookstore is a volunteer driven bookstore where the price of books typically ranges between $2 and $4.

You would do community-service indirectly from buying its membership as you would contribute towards keeping this ‘not-for-profit’ bookstore in the Denver Metro Area operational.

Christian Used Books

Want to buy Bible for yourself or for your children?

Visit Christian Used books, which is a Christian used bookstore in Denver.

Christian Used Books has over 80,000 titles spread across 500 categories. You’ll find all kinds of books on Christianity and its various branches.

If you’re looking for any particular topic under the sun, related to Christianity then you’ll find the book on it in this used bookstore. You will find devotional books, books containing commentaries, theology, the evolution of the religion, and many other subjects that you may not have heard of.

The books are used so they are available at around 40-60% off their maximum selling price, depending on their condition. The bookstore also keeps a few out of print books and bibles for collectors.

A thing to note is that this bookstore has bibles for 5 to 6-year-olds as well.

If you want to explore books on religion in general then you can check out is small world religion section.

Book Rack

One of the used bookstores of Denver whose book collection you’re going to adore is Book Rack.

The Book Rack has tons of comics books for comic buffs, lots and lots of mystery books, romance novels, thrillers, Sci-Fi and fantasy.

If you spend enough time browsing their book collection which is organized by genre as well as author name then you’re sure to make an exit with loads of books in your hands.

You can also trade in your used books in this used bookstore which gives store credit for future purchases.

The owner of Book Rack is an amicable woman who is helpful and emphatic towards her customers with dog.

Final Word

If you’re reading this then you have gone through the list of the best used bookstores in Denver.

We need used bookstores as much as they need us to create a bright sustainable future full of goodwill and harmony. The more you drive yourself towards them the more money you save and the more knowledge you’ll gain.

Don’t you think it’s a win-win situation?

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