6 French Bookstores in New York City where Francophiles & French learners will feel delighted

list of French bookstores in NYC

A few years ago, I had a decent conversation with a French girl in a New York subway about the bookstores in New York City.

She was a complete bibliophile who had explored almost all the best bookstores in New York City deeply. She was so good that she remembered which sections in which bookstore carried which all titles.I was stunned by her knowledge of books and bookstores.

During this conversation, I also got to know the pain felt by Francophiles when Librairie Francaise New York closed down in the year 2009.

After its shutters were closed New York City didn’t have a single French bookstore. However, times have changed now.

The best city in the world now has a few French bookstores.

Even though French bookstores in New York City are a handful but their massive French books collection is enough to cherish any Francophile or French learner.

If you want to read French books, no matter what the reason is, your first thought will be `where is a French bookshop near me?`.

Through this blog, I bring for you the French bookstores of New York City/ bookstores from which you can get French books.

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Albertine Bookstore

Albertine bookstore New York

In the beautiful historic Payne Whitney house at 972 fifth avenue in NYC, the Albertine bookstore occupies two levels of space.

I recommend anyone remotely related to books to visit the Albertine bookstore New York because it is a place of dreams for book lovers.

The planets, the stars, the galaxies are hand-painted on the ceiling of the Albertine New York that complements the calmness inside the bookstore giving a class to the architecture.

The Albertine bookstore boasts an extensive collection of more than 14000 French titles from almost 30 French-speaking countries of the top-class French authors.

If you are seeking the English translations of some of the famous French books then Albertine is the bookstore where you will find them as the bookstore also keeps the English versions of the 14000+ French books.

Albertine books are not limited to one or two genres. They range from poetry to art, from cuisine to children’s, from novels to some rare non-fiction books which you won’t find anywhere in America. Don’t forget to check out the books on French literature as you will find many masterpieces in that genre.

The credit of opening the Albertine NYC store goes to the French embassy’s cultural counselor Antonin Baudry.

He opened this bookstore to promote the French-American intellectual exchange. Mr. Baudry wished that more Americans knew the French writers, authors, and filmmakers from which emerged the idea of Albertine.

The ‘Albertine’ name is the reference to a character in the seven volumes novel written by Marcel Proust - In Search of Lost Time. In fact, a reading room in the bookstore has been named ‘Proust’ in his honor.

Timings : 10 am - 6 pm

Address: 972 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York, NY 10075

La Librairie Des Enfants

When you are looking for French books in New York City then you should visit the emerging French book store La Librairie Des Enfants.

The atmosphere of this NYC French bookstore is charming and what makes it better is that you can choose to spend time with your family in this bookstore. As the name suggests, this bookstore is a children’s bookstore having lots and lots of books for children of all ages.

You get inside this bookstore and you will find a section dedicated to French books. This wall will give you French classics like Les Miserables, In search of lost time, etc, graphic novels, books for toddlers, as well as for adolescents.

The massive collection of French books make this bookstore a beloved one among Francophiles, book worms, and those who want to make their children meet books which they are guaranteed to love. Kids who read for at least half an hour a day are increasing their life span by 24 months than those who don't read at all. Therefore, parents should take their kids to bookstores at least once per month.

La Librairie Des Enfants also houses English books of various genres.

Popular English books like Harry Potter are available here along with their French translations so if your looking for the French versions of some immensely famous books then this bookstore won’t disappoint you.

If you have started learning French and searching for French books in NYC for beginners then this bookstore is the right place for you to get your hands on them.

Address: 163 East 92nd St, New York, NY 10128

Timings: 10 am - 8 pm

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the french bookstore - La Librairie Des Enfants

Rizzoli Bookstore New York City

New York city Rizzoli Bookstore

Albertine and La Librairie Des Enfants are the only two well-known French bookstores in New York City. In fact, a few years back Albertine was the only French bookstore in New York after the closing down of 80 years old Rockefeller center bookstore Librairie de France in 2009.

The store had to close after the owners were asked to pay the rent of 1 million dollars.

Anyway, I will talk about it later. But as French book lovers, who have a weakness for bookstores, we need more than a couple of choices.

So in case, the above-mentioned French bookstores of NYC are located far from you and you feel as if it would be better if you knew any bookstore selling French books near you somewhere in midtown manhattan then I recommend you to visit the Rizzoli Bookstore.

When you enter the Rizzoli bookstore you feel enthralled by the architecture. The chandelier, the interior, the walls evoke a different time altogether.

After spending 2 minutes inside this bookstore I thought that I would keep coming here again and again as the gorgeous atmosphere captivated me. I was glad that I didn’t live in the vicinity.

The well-curated collection of books is mostly leaned towards the art genre. If you like exploring the art genre then you will find sections containing amazing books on architecture, home and interior decor, photography, cookbooks, books on baking, design, and fashion.

Let me clarify that the Rizzoli bookstore does have a good collection of French books of mainly the art genre.

Francophiles looking forward to buying books of art genre and subgenres will find this bookstore nothing less than heaven.

The rush seen in Manhattan will disappear and calmness will sink once you enter the gates of Rizzoli bookstore.

Address: St. James Building, 1133 Broadway, New York, NY 10010, United States

Timings: 11 am - 7 pm

The Strand bookstore NYC

The Strand New York

No article on the French language bookstores will be complete if I didn’t mention the largest bookstore in New York City in it.

The strand bookstore in Manhattan NYC has more than 2 million books within its walls. The bookstore’s extensive book collection includes foreign language books of various genres and subgenres.

This bookstore has survived The Great Depression, World War I, World War II and is still standing tall in NYC. The Strand is run by the third generation and is well-known for its unique, rare collection of books collected over time.

A francophile will be delighted on entering the Strand bookstore New York as its French books section has many gems to offer.

I recommend every Francophile or a French book seeker entering the Strand to keep at least 3-4 hours in their hand as time flies in a snap in the Strand.

The French bookshelves in the Strand will offer you French classics, graphic novels, fiction, cookbooks, art, literature, interior decor, and any other genre you can think of.

The Strand bookstore is an all-in-one bookstore, however, if you view it from the perspective of a Francophile or a student who has recently started learning French then yes, it is one of the best French bookstores in New York.

The number of French books you find in its French books section will be more than the books you will come across in any other French bookstores of New York.

Address: 828 Broadway at 12th Street,New York, NY 10003

Timings: 12 pm - 8 pm


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John and Francine Haskell Library

French library in NYC John and Haskell

Any place at which you can get your hands on French books in New York City deserves a mention in this list even if it is a French library in NYC.

John and Francine Haskell Library located in East 60th Street provides access to a fabulous collection of 25000 French titles

In order to get access to these excellent French books that are mostly on history, culture, social sciences, and French literature you need to be a member of FIAF (French institute alliance francaise).

FIAF was formed from the merger of more than a century-old French Institute and Alliance Francaise. The library was a part of the French Institute and thus passed down to the merged company.

If you wish to get acquainted with French culture and civilization then you will be delighted in this French Library of NYC as the library houses a lot of books on contemporary France. Apart from its extensive collection of French books, the library also offers a 1500 title DVD collection, CDs, and more than 100 magazines on French culture and civilization.

Address: 22 East 60th Street, New York, NY 10022

Final Word

New York City is a wonder in itself. The French embassy in New York City stretching its cultural arm to open a bookstore in order to intertwine the French and the American culture is a rare phenomenon that you won’t find anywhere else.

I thought that I could highlight this nice gesture through this blog and also provide you with a list of French bookstores in NYC.

I hope that this blog post gives the answer to the basic question of any Francophile - where do I find a French bookshop near me in New York City?

What’s your view on the French bookshops mentioned in the blog?

Have you visited them already?

Do let me know if I have missed mentioning any French bookstore in New York that you have visited recently?

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