Why education is important?

the importance of education

The alarm rang at 6:30 AM. The noise made by it was irritating and it felt like something just hit my head very hard.

After fighting all the crazy battles with the deadliest enemy of the world known as ‘laziness’, I got up. I still don’t know who won between the two of us that day.

I put on my sleepers and ran towards my cupboard just to take my toothbrush and toothpaste.

Hustling through all those bathing chores, I found myself on the dining table where Mom kept the breakfast ready. All I had to do was self-serve those ‘desi ghee’ parathas.

Well, in 10 minutes I finished whatever was there in my plate, got up and arranged books in my bag. It was already 7.17 am by then. The bus would arrive in another 2-3 minutes.

So, I rushed through the gates, turning back while not stopping to run just to say good bye to Mom. I reached the pick-up point on time.

The moment I reached I saw bus arriving. It took me and 2 other people of my age inside it.

I got down from the bus at 7.45 am and went through the gates. I kept walking for 2 minutes until I found the staircase on the left.

I walked up the staircase, turned left in the adjoining corridor, and then entered in a room on the right. Found my desk where I put my bag. I finally sat & took out the book from my bag.

I kept it open on my desk, eagerly waiting for the teacher to arrive in and start the lecture but in this waiting period I couldn’t resist thinking ‘Is education worth all this early morning hustling?’

‘Education is important’ quotes

This article emphasizes on the importance of education. I won’t deny the fact it is an essay on why education is important.

As a matter of fact, if you want to utilize its content for writing an essay that you may have to submit in school then go ahead, I won’t mind.

However, before you start reading the crux of the article, a little bit of motivation will be helpful. By staying motivated, you’ll not only embrace the content wholeheartedly but also will pave a way for ideas to come in your head which I would definitely like to hear in the comments section.

So, let’s read these quotes on why education is important said by some of the influential people of the world for motivation.

“An investment in Knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

”Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today” – Malcolm X

”The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet” - Aristotle

”Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school” – Albert Einstein

”Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil” – CS Lewis

Reason why education is important

As you must have gathered from these quotes, education is really important, there is no doubt about that.

But, there are always two types of reasons which are associated with education

Shallow reasons

Few of the reasons which fall in this category are –

1. For happy and stable life – Typical society mindset is that unless you’re not educated you don’t have a social reputation. With no social reputation, a person can’t lead a happy and stable life.

Well, the society here is actually not referring to education but to the professional degree one has.

But, the real education is what Albert Einstein told in his quote on importance of education mentioned above.

2. To have a lot of money – This is again a social myth that education leads to money which is important for a stable life. Education has nothing to do with money. Money making is an art which anyone can master without even going to school.

The mindset focuses on professional degree again. Having one lands you in a successful job from which money comes in your pocket.

Deep Reasons

1. Grow opinions and ideas

There are billionaires like Bill Gates who are referred to as successful college dropouts. But do you think that they made their mark with any education? Never!

I would say that they are probably more educated than some of the top business or technical graduates.

The only difference is that they didn’t let a degree associate tightly with their education. Rather, they kept educating themselves even when they started seeing the sun of success.

Education to them is interpreting information out there in the world, in books then turning that information in knowledge which helps them form right opinions and right ideas.

2. Equality

Recently, I saw a kid in my society compound helping another kid who fell off his bicycle. The helper kid must not be more than 8 years old.

Instead of laughing off at the kid who fell, he immediately went to him, picked him up, and then picked up his bicycle.

Out of innocence, he even helped the other kid dust off his pants. I was impressed by that scene.

While I saw a couple of other kids laughing, this kid showed that he is sensitive and educated. Real education makes us civil and overcome callousness, the kid proved it.

Whenever you see a differently abled person in need, you go to him/her and provide your help. Why? The reason is that you’re educated enough to understand their concerns and the moment you see them at a level which is below yours you pull them up.

Intrinsically, you’re bringing in equality.

3. For the murder of fear

Fear is a thought. The only way to kill this deadly thought is education.

Education helps instill self-confidence using which we get the inner power to express our opinions. It is not possible to oppress a well-educated person.

Why do you think that in India girl education is so encouraged? It is because education empowers girls, brings confidence in them such that the oppression which they have been facing since time immemorial can permanently disappear.

4. For a world sunk in love and harmony

Imagine a room full of people who are properly educated, who are sensitive, who understand the concerns of others, who keep principles and morals at the top, who have permanently killed greed and in addition to that their financial education is above average.

What will be the atmosphere of the room? There won’t be nothing but peace and harmony.

Similarly, if we assume 80% of the coming generation well educated, irrespective of them having a professional degree or not, how the world will become?

I leave it to you to imagine because in my mind there will be very less trouble but love and peace for all.

Stats & Facts about why education is important

Schools and colleges are the great sources of education. They should be seen from the point of view of education rather than institutions providing degrees. Well, I won’t digress now though I have written some content on it in my other article about top scorers and human beings.

There are lot of children around the world who are yet to enter schools and there are many who couldn’t continue schooling. Here are some stats provided by the UNESCO institute of statistics database.

the importance of education

the importance of education

the importance of education

The stats reveal something shocking that 36% of students are out of school in the upper secondary age. The out of school rate has been seen higher in Southern Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Even in a developed nation like the USA, the out of school rate is 8%.

There are many issues which exist in world, lack of education exists at their very foundation.

These issues are preventing some nations which are rich in minerals, metals, water from rising.

Here are some facts which totally support the importance of education in the world.

These facts act as an eye opener telling us how many problems proper education can solve.

source -> World Bank Data

Around 420 million people will be lifted out of poverty once they are given a secondary education

Risk of conflict is reduced by 20% with each year of education

It is estimated that 53% of children in low and middle income countries cannot read well by an age of 10

Do you know that a child is 50% more likely to live past the age of 5 if his/her mother knows how to read

One additional year of school can increase a lady’s earning power by 20%

The UIS/GEM report says that 132 million girls across the globe are out of school which includes 67.4 million girls of upper secondary age

Education and Poverty

Like Boyle’s law which states that volume is inversely proportional to pressure, the law of the world suggests that education is inversely proportional to poverty.

The more people are educated in a country, the less people will be in poverty.

But, this is easier said than done as the children who have been raised in poverty are less likely to concentrate in schools.

Even the topic of education and poverty in America, one of the most developed nations, is alive yet.

American Children who are poor are less likely to go to schools, even when they complete schools they do not attend college rather they dropout to support their families.

These children do feel isolated when due to numerous reasons associated with poverty they don’t score as good as their rich counterparts. This develops in them a disliking towards society as it makes them realize almost daily that they are poor.

Emphasis on teaching manners to students

The development years of a kid are very important. Whatever is taught to a kid during his/her development years from 4-18 stays with them.

In most of the education systems of the world, manners are always put ahead of learning. But, that happens on the first day only, and over a period of time every school in order to complete its curriculum sidelines the whole process of teaching good manners to students.

Moral science is a subject which is often seen as a pastime period in the school day. Rarely, this moral science lecture appears twice a week.

The Moral science test is conducted as a formality throughout the year with students knowing that they will never fail in the subject and hence, they should focus on scoring well in science, math and English.

The Japan education system has a different approach to this. Teaching manners to students is strongly emphasized in their schools which is why, till class 3 only minor tests are conducted for checking students’ performance.

However, a lot of effort and time is devoted to teaching manners in school. Students are also taught to respect animals as well as nature.

Lessons of altruism are given to the students which help them to empathize with their fellow classmates. Also, they are provided lessons on self-respect during those early years.

This gives them a cutting edge when it comes to life skills over students of other countries.

This cycle of poverty can be broken by –

1) Enrolling more students

2) Bringing in equality among students by team building and collaboration activities

One of the best education systems of the world, the Japanese education system has known for ages how to tackle this problem.

The students in any Japan school have to clean classrooms, garden, backyards, and even bathrooms as a part of team building activities. They have to sit together with the teacher in the classroom to have lunch. You can imagine how much equality and prosperity this activity brings in.

Life without education

I can’t imagine my life without education. I do believe in reading books, educating myself constantly, interpret data into knowledge and use that knowledge to produce ideas.

Lots and lots of discrimination based on color, creed, race and caste still exists even in the 21st century. This means that certain fabrics of society are still not properly educated which stresses more on the education’s importance in society.

There are parents who are not yet open to sending their daughter or son to school as they feel that their kids must help them earning from a small age, so that they can bail out of poverty.

These people actually don’t know how education affects poverty and must be told.

It’s a moral responsibility of us who are blessed to have gone to schools and colleges to spread this social message on education.

I have tried doing it the same through this article let me know how you’re willing to do it?

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