6 ways to effectively use time at places you get bored

ways to use time when you get bored

Remember that time when you were a kid and your mom used to take you to her best friend’s house; a house where you had nothing to do other than getting bored for numerous hours.

When, as a teenager, you went to your uncle’s house where you questioned the indulgence of the adults in the conversation going on for hours with another question popping in your head "I am feeling bored what can I do?"

You feel empty and irritated, when, on a Sunday you find yourself standing in a long queue at the billing counter of your favorite retail store or when you are stuck in heavy traffic while taking a ride in Uber.

At home, when you find yourself changing channels of the TV it means you are immersed in boredom.

Therefore, there are several places or situations where we find ourselves feeling bored.

Well, let me tell you that the effects of boredom can be nasty. In the long term boredom leads to depression.

At times when you go through a rough patch in your life and are depressed it is often recommended to keep yourself busy rather than hanging with boredom as most of your mental pain or depression occurs because of the inability to concentrate somewhere.

Instead of blaming the circumstances of creating this logjam, we always have a choice to rip it apart. But, again I say it's your choice because when I was a kid I would wish an angel coming down to my place and take the boredom away from my head. That doesn't happen in reality.

So, with the help of this article I am trying my best to tell you all the interesting and exciting activities to do when you are bored.

How much I succeeded would surely depend on your feedback on this post.

Here are 6 good things to do when you are bored –

1. Always carry a book

If you thinking "I am feeling bored what can I do" then read a book

Since I always promote reading books, hence, it tops my list.

Mind tends to avoid reading books when you are bored because it is messed up in a deadlock; but it is a matter of first 2 pages only.

Once you set yourself in, you will soon be proud of yourself of effectively using the time you otherwise would have wasted.

If you find a book in the place you are, your stars are shining and if it is a used book or a rare book don’t miss the chance to carry it back with you.(but with permission :))

So, I urge you to buy a book as soon as possible from an online second hand books store and use it to kill the boredom

2. Solve Rubix Cube

effects of boredom are unhealthy so use boredom to solve rubix cube and build logic

To solve a Rubix cube is an effective way to build logic and may lead you to create an impression at the place you are getting bored.

Don’t think that it is only there to build logic as it is an impressive party trick too.

It is one of the most attractive and fun things to do if you are bored as solving it when standing in a long queue at a retail store would attract a lot of attention.

3. Newspaper

Reading Newspaper is one of the good things to do when you are bored

If you can visualize a period of boredom well in advance do not read newspaper in the morning.

Once you find that the feeling of boredom is sinking in while sitting in a relative’s house take the newspaper out, unfold it and set a target to read 5 articles.

Reading newspaper is the best thing one can do to himself every day.

The outcome is you will be updated with the current affairs and will eventually get rid of that awful feeling of boredom.

4. Watch a Movie in your Smartphone

We know that technology is an invention that has raised the bar vertically from 0 to 1.

We are blessed to live in a generation of Smart phones, watching a movie in the smart phone is one of the best way to turn boredom into entertainment and one of the funniest things to do when you are bored.

5. Look for a recipe to cook in the upcoming weekend

if you are bored finding and cooking a tasty dish is one of the fun things to do

Cooking always helps you to decompress in your fast-paced life.

How about learning a recipe when you are stuck in traffic in a taxi and impress your dear ones?

We belong to the Smart phone generation; reading a recipe and vow to cook it is also a way to make good use of the period of boredom.

6. Call a friend

If you often get accused of calling a friend only when you have some business with him, then use your boredom period to negate it.

Call a friend and indulge in a long talk with him or her. Use this time to bond with your friend and strengthen your rapport with him.

Wrap Up

Getting bored is very easy and eliminating the boredom is easier but there should be a strong desire to eliminate it. Boredom can affect mental health and can cause energy loss so it is necessary that you handle it as soon as possible.

There are plenty of exciting things in today's era which you can do to avoid feeling bored. 6 of them have already been mentioned above.

But before that there is a need to change the attitude. So, the next time if it comes to your mind 'I am so bored' just replace it with 'I am so excited and energetic' and proceed to do something which kills the boredom for eternity.

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