9 proven ideas for long life and good health

healthy life and longevity

In India, there is this common culture of greeting elders by touching their feet. When you greet by touching feet of elderly, 100% it happens that you receive blessing from them.

One blessing which you often receive is ‘May you live a long and happy life’. So, you get blessing and all you need to do is complement this blessing with actions to make it a reality.

It is a common fact that as a kid you don’t worry about living a long life. You’re willing to take more risks, you feel no hesitation in jumping off a 6 feet wall in a dare or driving bicycle without holding the handle(never do that).

When a kid hits puberty then changes occur in mind and in body, heartbreaks are common, and failures when encountered devastates an adolescent to the extent of thinking that life has no meaning. When I was 16 so many of my colleagues and friends were frustrated just because they could not score good in Physics or Chemistry.

But, as you grow, the feeling changes. The eagerness to live more gets you when you have a beautiful family to take care of, when your toddler tries to stand up and takes its first step, this is the moment when you wish to get over bad health, bad habits in pursuit of adding more years to your life.

Well, longevity of your life is in your hands. Mishaps may happen but the odds are very less and therefore, by what you perceive your adding years to your life is totally up to you.

In this article of bx-zone.com, I have tried to provide <> ways to add years to your life and live happily throughout.

1. Drink more water

Body requires water in adequate quantity. On an average, it is recommended to have at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Keeping yourself hydrated is one of the primary steps in keeping the body healthy for a long long time.

Students are advised to consume sufficient water like at least 3 litres of drinking water a day as they use their mind more while studying and reading.

Habit of consuming adequate water refrains your body from catching many illnesses.

2. Read books

You may be wondering why I am saying so, is it because bx-zone.com an online used bookstore? No, that’s not the case. Through this point I won’t market bx-zone rather I am telling this to you because Yale university published a research in which it was found that book readers, or in simple words, people who read books for at least 3.5 hours a week (half an hour a day) get additional 24 months added to their life than those who don’t read books at all.

This specific to books only that means it doesn’t apply to blogs or newspapers or magazines.

So gear up buy some books at discount from bx-zone.com and add 24 months to your life (I am marketing bx-zone now..ha !)

3. Yoga

Yoga practice is very old and in this world when global warming has already knocked on the door many times it has become a necessity.

Different asanas of yoga have different benefits on body and mind but basic yoga asanas like ‘anulom vilom’ are enough in order to maintain health and live a long life.

So many videos of yoga asanas are available on YouTube so you have plenty of content to watch and practice.

20 minutes of yoga every day, 6 days a week will do it for you.

4. Exercise

In 21st century, exercise is not an option but is mandatory. The rate of humans being obese was never higher before than now and obesity, it is common to know, leads to many illnesses.

‘Sitting is the new smoking’ is a new idiom which is trending and it is true. Keeping it in mind it is necessary to do some stretching every morning.

There are many health apps available which make home workout very useful. Download one and start using it at least 3 times a week.

As early in life you start exercising, the longer you’re going to stay fit and healthy.

5. Do not get scared of negative people around you

The world is full of negative people. You will often find people around you going through bad health conditions but evading from the real reasons of drinking, smoking etc causing those conditions. They’ll always pretend and will try to convince themselves that their bad health came upon them out of the blues.

These folks will always seek that people around them suffer bad health so that they can convince themselves that their bad health is not their fault. You sneeze near them and they will scare you off by telling to see a doctor as it can be a vitamin deficiency or some other illness.

The point is don’t get scared of what these folks say and then stay away from such people.

If you do yoga, you do exercise, and you eat good then there is nothing to worry about. You’re on the right track of living a long life.

6. Sleep like a baby

It is often recommended to sleep at least 6 hours and at most 8 hours every night, but, everybody has their own sleeping need.

Some yoga gurus who have slept for not more than 4 hours per night their entire life live for more than 90 years. So, it’s not the quantity but the quality of sleep that matters.

Make sure that you pay proper attention to your sleep. Before sleeping don’t think of work or your problems because they’re not going to stay forever.

One tip which I read in Robin Sharma’s Megaliving is that before sleeping form a habit of saying to yourself – ‘I am going to have a good sleep’, ‘I am going to sleep like a baby’.

7. Keep yourself busy

There is a lot to learn from kids and toddlers. When they’re awake they are never at rest, they are always doing something, and even there is lot to learn from them when they are simply rolling on the bed.

Extrapolate the same method to your life, no matter what happens keep yourself busy don’t give yourself time to overthink and you’ll see changes in a very short amount of time.

Being busy and doing productive tasks are often seeing connected to life longevity.

Water the plants, or read a book when you find that you don’t have nothing to do, the point is be always busy.

8. Think Positive

Humans are made by humans but they are developed by their thoughts. When you’re alone there is an extreme need to pay attention to your thoughts.

The tendency of human mind is negative, which means, if you leave it unattended then all you’re going to think is negative.

This the reason why it’s a special necessity to always think positive in order to live a long and healthy life. Your mind governs your body, it gives your organs all signals, it cures the damaged cells and many things, which is why you need to keep it full with positive thoughts all the time.

Always being positive has been seen as a key to living a long life of great health.

9. Take some out and live in Nature

Life is fast paced, you are speeding up every day to achieve your goals, there’s nothing wrong in it.

But a horse also has to stop after a run to drink some water so it can run again. Same applies to humans, you need to take breaks.

Make sure when you take breaks you go out in woods, or on mountains to spend your break.

Plan a travel fund, deposit money in it at regular intervals and use it for vacationing. The more you’re going to stay closer to nature, the more years nature will add to your life.

Oxygen that we inhale in cities and towns has become a little corrupted because of pollution.

I hope that electric cars will do a great deal in cleaning the air a bit but still there is a different air altogether when you’re surrounded by trees, waterfalls, snow covered peaks and other elements of nature.

The rule in today’s world is simple ‘Embrace nature, Experience a long and healthy life’.

Final Word

Life is almighty’s greatest gift and there are a handful of people out there who really know how to live, how to be happy every day, every moment. The best part is everyone knows intrinsically how to live blissfully but many fail to practice it.

A great life is obstructed more by frustration and worry than by sadness or sorrow. When you get frustrated by small things or worry over little things which won’t matter in future then you’re a hindrance to yourself.

But once you get over it and start to live with some spirit you are sure to get a craving for a long life. This is when these 9 ideas described above will pitch in for you.

Do you practice any of these consistently?

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