5 fears every student should be aware for a better student life

Fears found in students

Work,chores,breathing,food,water are all parts of our daily routine. Pardon me if I have missed something as you’re welcome to add that in the comments section.

However, like all these daily components of our lives, there is one more component without which you can’t spend your day.

This special component is ‘thoughts’. Thoughts are inevitable. There is no moment in a day when you’re awake and no thought is crossing your mind.

In this blog post, I want to lay emphasis on one special kind of thought which everyone fears and guess what ! that thought is better known as ‘fear’.

‘Fear’ is a part of our day to day lives. It is a thought which is inseparable from you and possesses the power to sweep the floor beneath a person’s feet.

Fear builds constant worry, fear builds anger, fear shatters belief and confidence and thus it is important that we are always aware of our fears and keep the plans handy to tackle them.

Innumerable fears exist in a single person, most of the time, without his fault.

There is fear of unknown, there is fear of karma or misdeeds, there is fear of failure and many others, however, in this blog post I am going to highlight the fears present in students.

So, let’s find out what are the fears which are commonly seen among students -

1. Fear of parents

Generally, the fear of parents comes from parents with expectations. Long ago, my engineering classmate told me that he hailed from the family of IITians and just because of the super high expectations of his parents he ended up doing engineering in our college.

He was into car racing and wanted to build his career around the formula 1 and formula 3 sports events.

He stuck in the same college as mine because he couldn’t overcome the fear of letting his parents down. He failed to even speak his mind to them and cursed every day of engineering.

Also, when I was in school it was so common to see a major proportion of the class crying on scoring low marks just out of the fear of facing their parents.

Parents always want their kids to do well which is not wrong but a check should be kept on the amount of expectations they hold or the amount of expectations students really care about.

2. The famous peer pressure

Long ago, a boy from my friend circle topped the class in a half yearly examination. He was really happy, it was like happiness was spilling out of his face in kilograms.

Our vice principal came to the class the next day to congratulate the top 3 students. She called them and asked them to stand in front of the class.

Lets say the name of my friend is Ravi and the name of the student who stood second is Mayank.

Now, allow me to quote what the vice principal said,”Ravi, congratulations, in the final examination don’t give up your first rank, don’t let Mayank take you over”. then she moved her head to Mayank and said,”Congratulations Mayank, in the final examination I want you to take over Ravi’s rank and be the number 1”.

Everyone laughed at such a witty remark but what was that.

Several years later when I gave a thought to it, I realised our Vice President could have been a head of the manufacturing department in a pressure cooker company.

She created peer pressure which is already common among students. Excessive peer pressure distracts you from the path of acquiring knowledge and you just think of scoring marks nothing else.

3. Fear of teachers

As per an average teacher, there are 3 kinds of students 1. Toppers 2. Average 3. Hopeless

Teachers expectations from the first 2 categories are always high and by god’s grace the third category stays expectation proof.

The toppers generally feel the fear of teachers a lot because the teachers put the pressure of maintaining the highest score in every exam on their soft shoulders.

Teachers keep chanting in their ears that they are going to do big in their lives which slowly generates a fear in the back of the mind of ‘what the xyz teacher will think if I score low?’

Similarly, the average students are always reminded of being perfectly average and if they didn’t work hard, their life would be average too.

In such scenarios, rather than pushing themselves to study hard and crank up a notch, the average students lose what they have been scoring.

Life has its own set of rules and nobody can predict one’s life to be average or far superior than others. The world is full of a tonne of such examples.

4. Fear of failure

Almost every student fears failure.

Students’ fear of failure is so common that sometimes we see them taking some very fatal and unfortunate steps.

If it’s your class 12 exam result or JEE mains results the fear of failure doesn’t let you sleep in the night.

I feel that the fear of failure is constituted by all the 3 fears described above.

There is nothing wrong in being afraid of failure and it’s a natural phenomenon, but you have to make sure that it doesn’t cross your mind to a level of throwing you into a pit of disbelief.

Keep countering it with a belief in your mind that ‘I won’t fail, I will win and if I fail I know how to deal with the failure’.

5. Fear of mathematics

Even though I have met so many people in my life who, as students, loved mathematics but when I talked to a bunch of students (of science, commerce, arts stream) the fear of mathematics came in the limelight.

Few students have difficulty in understanding the subject because they are unable to relate it to the real life.

In the above sentence is hidden the solution to counter the fear of mathematics. Relate it to the practical scenarios and the fear will start diminishing.

The mathematics problems of Apples and Oranges look good in the textbook but if those problems are thought while standing in the fruit market then they will make more sense to you and will definitely produce love inside your heart for this beautiful subject of mathematics.

Education system and parents should keep a check on how they’re pushing students to level up.

Introducing them to fear at an early age can have serious consequences even years later in life.

If you’re a parent or a teacher it’s your job to analyse a student’s mental ability and motivate him/her accordingly to level up.

If you’re a student then it’s time to stop fearing the fear because it obstructs you from living your beautiful life. Keep a plan to counter the fear handy always because everything can solved with a good plan of action.

Your comments are most welcome!

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