7 Proven ways to get rid of Monday Blues

Monday Blues

Professionals and students have different fears, some fear peer pressure, some fear work pressure, you may find some students under the pressure of scoring good in exams.

But, there is one fear or to be precise, a feeling which bugs every student, every professional

This feeling is so strong that it makes your faces straight, and you literally feel like pulling and dragging yourself tightly to work or school.

Yes, yes I am talking about Monday Blues.

Monday blues is nothing but a feeling of annoyance or irritation to get back to work or school on Monday.

When it becomes hard for you to bid farewell to Sunday and welcome Monday that is called as Monday Blues.

Feeling of Monday Blues

The feeling of Monday blues starts sinking in on Sunday nights.

When you’re partying on Sunday night or playing a cool game on your play station 4 or simply watching a movie completely oblivious of the fact that the next day is Monday, and then suddenly you realise it; it feels that you’re stabbed or may I describe it freely then you feel that your current happiness collapsed like a house of cards.

Monday blues run scissors on your happiness and cuts it into small pieces and then it feels like those pieces have been thrown up in the air only to get scattered so sparsely that it becomes impossible to collect them.

I hope you agree and connect with the description of the feeling described above.

The solution to Monday Blues

Some genius has said that ‘to every problem in this world there exists a solution’. Keeping up with it there exists not only one but many solutions to Monday Blues.

If you’re willing to bring a minor change in your work style and in your way of thinking, Monday Blues won’t annoy you anymore.

So, let’s begin going through 7 proven ways to kill the feeling of Monday Blues permanently-

1. Never start from scratch on Monday

The one thing which hurts deeply is the feeling of starting something new on Monday. Working professionals have this natural habit of pushing any new work, received on Friday, to Monday.

Suppose you have received a task email on Friday evening just an hour ago before you leave. The task involves writing a new report on Monday.

Let’s say you already know that you need a couple of other docs which will be required to produce this new one. You can access it from your company’s shared directory, so, now have got two choices –

• Start the task altogether on Monday

• Gather the docs, put them on in your system, set the environment up and at least write a couple of lines of content in your report so that you already have it started.

Point #2 will have a significant psychological impact when you arrive at work on Monday because you will have already accustomed yourself with the task which you’ll be starting Monday.

Now think of #1, you arrive in office, Monday blues is at its best and then you have to start finding details to build this report, Oh my god! You feel like going away and not coming back to the desk until after lunch.

2. Grow respect for work

In ancient Hindu texts, the earth has been called as ‘Karmlok’ which is a summation of Karm + Lok.

‘Karm’ means work and ‘lok’ means place. This signifies that the earth is a workplace. It also signifies that one can’t survive on this planet without working.

Your ‘Karma’ determines what will you reap in future, your work determines your fate and this is why there is a need to respect it.

Don’t take it otherwise else you may start fearing work which will worsen the feeling of Monday Blues.

The respect will not come over a weekend, it will take time but when you’ll start seeing work as a bridge to a blissful destination you’ll look forward to going to work.

3. Deliver often

Motivation can cut the feeling of Monday Blues into bits and pieces. If you got motivation to show up at your desk at the start of the week then problem solved, you won’t have ‘Monday Blues’.

In fact you can become an example for your peers and colleagues.

But the million dollar question is how to bring that motivation?

It’s quite simple, deliver often at work.

So, you got a project to complete, which obviously will complete gradually into tasks. Focus on completing one task per week, if it’s lengthy then try finishing it in 2 weeks.

The bottom line is once you finish the task you’ll get a good feeling about yourself as well as your work.

Keep getting this good feeling by working hard and delivering on your project. Once you become habitual to it there won’t be any ‘Monday blues’ in your life.

4. Create a friendly environment around you

Years ago when I was in the first year of my job, I got an assignment to do which didn’t involve any work related to my designation. It was not exciting but even then I felt no mental barrier in going office on Mondays.

The reason was my work cubicle was full of exciting, humorous and positive people. This created a very friendly environment around. During breaks we would laugh, chat, and brainstorm.

This made workplace fun even when the work was not that exciting, as the environment was full of positivity.

All you can do is find positivity in workplace, break silos, socialize and find people whose vibes match with you and over a period of time, you’ll look forward to going to work/school.

5. Constantly Innovate

Every one doesn’t work in NASA or Google where the work is always going to be interesting, where you don’t deal in rocket science or make machines.

The work becomes monotonous which brings in boredom, which in turn leads to Monday blues.

Therefore, there is a need to do the same work in different ways, in innovative ways.

Find out methods to do your daily task in new ways; thus, this will increase your creativity and will pull you towards office every Monday.

As a student, in school, while in a lecture you can come up with many ways to grasp what the professor is teaching you. You can write the lecture down, start group discussions or simply keep a target of asking at least 5 questions to keep your spirit and the spirit of the class up.

6. Mid-week crisis

I will have to thank my ex-roommate for giving me this idea.

He came up with this concept of mid-week crisis. He got his first job in Navi Mumbai where he was loaded with work. Both his boss and the work timelines were tough.

Therefore, on every Wednesday night he would board the local train without fail only to go to the Inorbit mall in Vashi to watch a movie. This gave him the time to boost up the morale and get back in the game.

To my surprise, he never dealt with the issue of feeling bad going to work every Monday.

He also told me that for the time he was in his Mumbai job his life was like

WORK -> FUN -> WORK -> FUN & repeat.

Innovative, right?

7. Participate in cultural events at work and school

Often cultural events happen at work and school. Do you know what the reason behind them is?

It is simple kill the silos, kill the boredom.

We often overlook their significance and hence, suffer. I suggest that whatever chance you get to participate in a cultural event don’t let it go.

The event may be a tech-fest or a republic day parade, annual sports day or ethnic day at work, look forward to it.

Active participation in such events has got few benefits one of which is it brings you in front of more people; publicity this way is always a good publicity and second, it makes you fall in love with your workplace.

You go to a bank, a government office or an IT company, Monday blues is a common issue. But with few simple actions it can be overcome.

Do remember that work brings you salary at the end of the month and school brings you education. Salary and education both are necessary to fulfill your dreams, help you lead a better life, attain a social status and above all, take care of your family.

So, over the next weekend there is some serious thinking which you should do and come up with a plan to get over this ill feeling. Around 38 years of your life are spent at work and I certainly don’t want you to spend every Sunday night and Monday morning feeling reluctant to go to work/school.

I have already listed 7 proven ways to look forward to work.

It is up to you either pick one of these, try and then pick the second one or you can make combinations of two or several and try to bring in a new lifestyle where there is only work for love and nothing negative about it.

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