11 Best bookstores in Denver that you can't afford to not visit

Independent bookstores in Denver

I still remember the day when my science teacher taught me that plants are also living organisms apart from humans and animals.

The entire class was surprised including me as if the teacher revealed information about a secret door to a treasure. We were small back then.

But as I grew up, I realized that life exists in one more entity apart from plants, animals, and humans.

Yes, you guessed it right! Life does exist in bookstores.

Every time I pass by a bookstore I feel it calling me by my name. In the sweetest possible tone, it asks to come inside, browse through its awesome book sections and buy some awesome gems from its bookshelves.

If you’re a true book lover you would definitely agree with me, you would totally understand what I am trying to say here.

A lot of knowledge on every subject possible exists within a bookstore.

The feeling of getting the book in your hands, exactly when you decide to buy it, is incredible. This feeling can only be produced when you make the purchase inside a brick-and-mortar bookstore.

Bookstores amplify goodness, they adorn a city and its people, even if the city is as cool as the city of Denver.

I am sure at this point in time, the fire of love for the bookstores in your heart is rekindled, and before its intensity abates here are the 11 best bookstores in Denver that you must visit to have a pleasant life experience.

01. Tattered Book Cover

When you’re thinking of the best bookstores in Denver then Tattered Book Cover is the first thing that you should make note of.

When you enter this bookstore you feel invited and thus honored. The bookstore has a solid positive vibe and you are engulfed by a sweet feeling of nostalgia when walking through this bookstore.

The bookshelves of the Tattered Book Cover are loaded with a fantastic collection of books in every possible genre. You find loads of new reads here.

The bookstore has got chairs where you can sit and flip through the pages of the book of your choice.

If you’re a book buff who doesn’t like to read without a coffee mug in their hand then Tattered book cover has a coffee place too inside its premises.

The bookstore is for those who want to pay as little as possible for a book as well as for those who want to pay as much as possible for a book.

This means it has both new and used books for sale in its shiny wooden bookshelves.

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This bookstore also keeps the giant art and photography books, which are towards the high end of the price range, which you should check out.

The books kept on the tables for display amplify your experience.

In a bookstore, you expect some good recommendations from the staff so that you can narrow your choices. I give 10/10 in this area to this bookstore where the staff is friendly, kind, and provides some excellent book recommendations.

The bookstore also organizes live author events and book signing events.

The Tattered book cover has flexed its wings around Denver with branches in 3 locations in downtown Denver and satellite locations in places like Denver International Airport (on Concourses A, B & C).

You may also want to visit its branch which is full of books for young adults and kids at Stanley Marketplace.

02. Bookbar

How many bookstores do you know where you can sit on a comfy chair with a table in front of you, order a tasty glass of wine, or a pint of beer or a hot cup of coffee and read a book?

Does any bookstore come to your mind? If yes, then let me know in the comments section but if you don’t know such a bookstore in Denver or in the whole USA then let me introduce you to Bookbar.

Located in Tennyson Street, Bookbar is a place where the reading experience comes hand-to-hand with tasty food & drinks.

You can come in here, sift their book collection which is highly curated and consists of deluxe editions, and limited editions as well as a few autographed books.

I highly recommend paying special attention while browsing their collection of books because you are guaranteed to find some gems if you look carefully.

The bookstore is cozy and makes you feel comfortable instantly because you find like-minded people reading around you, and sipping their drinks.

You can also bring your children to this bookstore as they have a section of books for children and young adults too in addition to a children’s room.

The staff greets you well and is lovely in their discourse. You can also take their help in finding a title if you’re unable to find it yourself, it is quite likely that they are going to bring it to you with a big smile on their face.

Do check out the bargain shelf which is close to the restroom to find some low-priced incredible reads. And if you want to save money on drinks then make sure you make an entry during the happy hours.

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03. Broadway Book Mall

When you are on a budget and you still need to buy books in significant quantity then visit Broadway Book Mall.

Broadway Book Mall is a used bookstore located at 200 S Broadway Denver which is a must-visit even if you’re passing through Denver.

The books in this bookstore are inexpensive, and it seems as if the bookshelves are overwhelmed with books.

Seeing stacks of books kept in the little space in front of the already occupied bookshelves is so common in this bookstore.

The shelves are organized by genre which makes it easy to directly spot the section you’re interested in.

You find books in the Sci-Fi genre, fiction, lots of comic books as well as horror books. You find here rare as well as vintage books at a cheap price too.

Moreover, you will surely enjoy the interaction with Steve who always seems like the most interesting and amiable person you could ever meet.

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04. Hermitage Antiquarian Bookshop

What makes you visit a bookstore, again and again, is the pleasant experience it provides.

The vibe inside a bookstore must resonate with you then only you feel ecstatic inside that bookstore.

Hermitage Antiquarian Bookshop is one of the independent bookstores in Denver that guarantees to provide such an experience if you’re a true book lover or a book collector.

This bookstore has a collection of 25000 books among which you find rare books, out-of-print first edition hardcovers/hardbacks, an impressive collection of vintage books, and a lot of antique books.

Most of the books in this bookstore are Mylar-covered. If you’re buying one which is not then you can totally ask them to wrap it up in a cover; they will do it for you.

Hermitage Antiquarian bookshop is a classy bookstore that gives you a vintage feel. You can’t get over its collection of art books, and it also holds some rare historical books.

If you’re a true book lover then let me tell you that you should visit this bookstore with time in your hand as you won’t be able to stop yourself from browsing its collection that involves some timeless literary classics.

05. Printed Page Bookshop

One of the best bookstores in Denver is the Printed Page Bookshop.

The bookstore is a heaven for book collectors as it has an extensive collection of rare first editions, signed copies, vintage books.

You find this bookstore clean and organized with comfortable chairs placed at the right points inside the bookstore so that you can relax and flip through the pages of your favorite book.

Printed Page Bookshop has a lot of timeless classics but in addition to its vintage collection, you find books in other categories as well which include children’s books, nature, cookbooks.

The bookstore has got an amazing collection of mystery books.

If you’ve been a fan of Nancy Drew then you won’t be able to stop yourself from grabbing some of the first editions of Nancy Drew books. They will definitely make you nostalgic.

While in the bookstore, do stop by the World War II section as it has got some incredible books loaded with facts and insights from that period.

The owner Dan is so cool and knowledgeable. He knows about the books in his bookstore inside out. His dog walks through the bookstore with its tail wagging, making your time better in the bookstore.

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06. Shining Lotus Metaphysical Bookstore

Shining Lotus is a bookstore that specializes in books on self-help, religion, health, and spirituality.

You find in its bookshelves books on Yoga, Tantric Yoga, Feng Shui, Christianity, Ayurveda, American Veda, and most importantly Bhagavad Gita.

The bookstore has got a great collection of books from the above genres and moreover, it has a used books section too.

In addition, if you’re interested in buying crystals, candles, incense sticks, and various other religious and spiritual accessories then this is the only shop in the whole of Denver that you’ll have to visit.

The owners greet you with a smile and are very friendly. If you need them they will help you otherwise they will leave you alone with the books which is what almost every book lover shopping in a bookstore wants.

07. Gallagher Books

Gallagher books is one of those independent bookstores in Denver that specializes in providing hard-to-find books.

Any person who is in search of a rare book be it in art, photography, history, military, adventure, etc should visit Gallagher books as there is a 100% chance that you’re going to find it here.

Apart from that Gallagher books is also rich in first editions, world war books and posters, special editions, and rare collectibles.

The bookstores of Denver CO have a thing that their owners are really sweet. ‘Gallagher books’ is no different, its owner is charming and really helpful.

If you’re unable to find out a rare read you’re looking for, then the owner of the bookstore is going to help you. In addition, she will also provide you with some excellent recommendations which according to me, you should really get your hands on.

For book collectors, the bookstore is nothing less than heaven as its excellent collection of rare books can make you feel ecstatic in no time.

08. Bx-zone

bx-zone is a bookstore that is a little different in the way that it is online and you can sell your books from it.

If you’re a student then you must have a lot of textbooks or other books with you that you don’t want to read anymore.

You can sell all those books of yours using bx-zone’s online used bookstore at prices decided by you.

You can easily sell your used books which you don’t intend to read again at 50% of the prices for which you bought them.

Moreover, bx-zone is free to use and doesn’t charge any commission fee from its users. Neither there is any hidden charge nor any convenience fee.

You can start using bx-zone right away by clicking on this link and signing up on it.

09. The Bookies bookstore

If there could be a perfect bookstore for both children and adults in Denver it couldn’t be better than the Bookies bookstore.

The Bookies bookstore has a massive selection of 100,000 titles and in case you don’t find a book you’re looking for they will order it for you.

The Bookies bookstore is that bookstore within whose walls you’ll find the right books for your children. Picture books or graphic novels, you’ll find them in large quantities in this bookstore.

If you need historical fiction for your kids set in the 90s then you will find them on its bookshelves.

If you need books for your children set in Korea or Mexico, you’ll find them here; overall, the bookstore has highly curated reads for children and can be described as the best Children’s bookstore in Denver.

However, its book collection is not restricted to children only as the Bookies bookstore has a got a nice collection of titles for adults as well.

The staff of this bookstore is a moving library. Keep your ears open to their recommendations and you would praise your luck for getting your hands on some incredible reads.

The bookstore also sells toys, board games, gift cards in addition to school accessories and classroom resources. The Bookies bookstore is a great place to bond with your children over books.

10. Second Star To The Right Books

When you want to spend time with your children then 5 out of 10 times you should do so in a bookstore.

A good children’s bookstore always makes your time special with your kids by providing the finest book collection out of which you can pick some gems to read to your kids.

Second Star To The Right Books is exactly the independent bookstore in Denver that makes your time special with your kids by providing some incredible children’s books on its bookshelves.

Children’s literature is an ocean in itself; you need some assistance, if you’re new to it, to guide you to the right books that fit your child’s age. The staff of this bookstore is well versed in providing such assistance.

You find some great books on parenting in this bookstore that you must read in order to become better at looking after your children.

The bookstore has got a few strategically-planned beautiful reading spaces where if you sit to read once with your kids then you would stick to the place for the entire day.

11. TeaLee’s

Basically, TeaLee’s is an African-American-owned cafe where you can get in to sip some best tea in combination with baked goods in Denver.

However, one more thing that it holds within its premises is a bookstore downstairs that has hundreds of books written by African-American/Black authors.

If you’re that book reader who can’t wait to start reading their newly purchased books in the company of the best tea in the town then TeaLee’s is the place you must visit tomorrow, if not today.

Final Word

Independent bookstores across the globe are working harder to survive. The brick-and-mortar bookstores bring in a culture that we can’t afford to lose at any cost.

While you’re in Denver you must make a plan to visit these above-mentioned independent bookstores of Denver to purchase some fine books, to get book recommendations from their staff, to have a fantastic time with some priceless gems which offer a lot in exchange for very little.

If you’ve already visited all or any of these bookstores in Denver then do share your experience in the comments section.

In the end, I want to ask you if I have missed any bookstore that you think should be on this list?

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