Intraday Bhakti Vs Long Term Bhakti

Monday Blues

Haven’t you? If not then let me tell you what it is. Stock market is a regulated market where stocks of the listed companies are traded.

Stocks or equities are actually shares of a company. A company when in need of funds divides itself into millions of shares and offers to normal public who are called stakeholders. These shares are called Stocks.

There are buyers and sellers of stocks within a stock market and from this emerge, the concepts of Intraday Trading and Long term investment.

Intraday Trading – A trader trades a stock and closes the position within the same day. It means that if a trader buys a stock he is obligated to sell it the same day irrespective of the profit or loss he makes.

You can read it anywhere you want, intraday trading is risky and is often not recommended.

Long Term Investment – This generally involves buying a good stock and then keep your faith in it forever. With faith, patience and dedication long term investment guarantees to yield results.

Intraday Bhakti

Bhakti means ‘devotion’ in English, ‘devotion and love towards god’, the almighty, and the superior power.

Parents teach their kids to dedicate some time of the day to saying prayers, to worship, to devotion and dedication to almighty. But most parents often complain that their kids don’t have the habit of praying every morning rather they force their children to pray.

The only reason behind this is the lack of habit. This lack of habit leads to ‘Intraday bhakti’.

So, what’s it? Let me explain it to you with the help of an example.

A few years ago I had a friend named Aman. He was junior to me in school and the time I am talking about was when he was waiting for 10th exam results to be out.

A couple of days before the announcement of results, I found him praying in temple of the neighborhood. He prayed day and night in the hope that the almighty would listen to him and he would clear with good grades.

Finally, the judgment day came. We were eagerly waiting in front of the computer to load the results, the internet speed was teasing us as hell by bringing the screen down in pieces. One piece loaded every 10 seconds.

The last piece loaded on the monitor and bang the result was out. Compartment in math. Aman went out in disgust and never showed his face for 2 weeks.

The ‘bhakti’ didn’t work because it lacked action, he didn’t study, didn’t work hard and expected miracles to happen by praying in the temple.

People who get into the game of Intraday Trading have high hopes of getting rich overnight but in sometime those people come back with empty pockets. People who succeed in Intraday trading have worked hard in past, have learnt from their mistakes and have mastered the skillset.

The point is they never reached to the point of success in a day.

Long Term Bhakti

Warren Buffet says that buy securities (stocks) and hold them forever. Long term bhakti works on the same principle, devotion and dedication to god every day without expectation of any fruit.

You say prayers every day over a long period of time, the time not counted in weeks or months but in years and you’ll find your devotion to almighty at work.

Students try hard for cracking competitive exams like IIT JEE, AIIMS, NEET etc. Countless hours of effort they dedicate to their dreams of cracking, some do some not.

When some students don’t clear they often get depressed, some even go on the verge of taking their own lives, the reason being lack of strength.

Consistent prayers, worship, devotion to god is therefore necessary because the prayers will help you to either clear exams, and if somehow, you don’t (may be because there are bigger awards for you in store) then you’ll get the strength to deal with the situation and move on.

As you grow older, you’ll see that life is like a stock market, ups and downs, sometimes there will only be lows and then suddenly life will go up, to deal with this rollercoaster ride call life you need the strength of heart.

This strength of heart which is more needed than the strength of mind is what you get out of long term bhakti.

Don’t overdo

Many must have suggested you till now to start worshipping every morning, chant the name of almighty x times a day etc, but long term bhakti is not about chanting almighty’s name 101 times every day because with so much effort involved every day it may become overwhelming and over a period of time you may lose your habit of saying prayers.

There is a very interesting story which I would like to present in support of the statement above.

Once upon a time, lord Vishnu and Narad we’re watching from heaven the activity of a farmer.

The farmer would chant the name of lord Vishnu while leaving his hut for work and then he would engage in farming.

During mid-afternoon, he would come back to his hut for lunch and while entering he would chant the name of lord Vishnu one more time. After having his lunch he would get back to farming, to work in the farm for the entire day.

Later he would come back to hit tired, have his dinner and go to bed immediately. Before falling asleep, he would chant the name of lord Vishnu again.

Lord Vishnu said to Narad,” This farmer is close to my heart, he is my real devotee”. Listening to this, Narad commented,”Lord, I chant your name so many times a day but you have never said to me that I am close to your heart”

To this lord Vishnu did not think of replying rather he gave a Narad a bowl, a big bowl which can only be held by both hands, full of oil.

Handing him over the bowl he told Narad, “take a trip around the globe holding this bowl with both your hands with one condition that not a single drop of oil must spill out and then I will accept you as my favourite devotee.”

Narad did exactly what Lord Vishnu said. He took the trip holding the bowl, he concentrated on keeping the bowl steady to ensure that not a drop of oil falls off. When he returned to Lord Vishnu he spoke in excitement, “My lord I did the task as per the condition”.

To this Lord Vishnu said to Narad,” Tell me Narad while doing the task how many times did you chant my name?”.

Narad replies,”Not even once my lord, the task was given by you and I had no choice than to focus on it completely so while doing so how could I chant your name”

Lord Vishnu gently replied, “Dear Narad, the job that the farmer does of tilling the field, sowing the seeds and reaping the harvest has been given to him by me.”

He added,”While doing so with focus, he doesn’t forget to chant my name 3 times every day so, now tell me who will be closer to my heart”.

Narad understood the moral behind and couldn’t utter a word.

I believe that there is nothing left to explain what ‘Don’t overdo means’, Prayers done once from the bottom of the heart reach almighty.

Doctors also believe in god, in every hospital you’ll often find some reference to almighty which proves that there are powers beyond science which are there to take care of us. Their source or root is in our hearts.

We put in so much effort to achieve our goals therefore, it is mandatory that we put some effort in saying prayers every day, showing our devotion to the superior power. If you want to base it on technicality then let it be because when the base desire is right, long term Bhakti yields strength in grief and higher rewards in success.

I would certainly advise all students to develop this habit in life of dedicating just a few minutes every day to the superior power. In long term, you will be in a far better place than you could have gone and you’ll have far better life than you could have known.

Would you like to share any experiences of Intraday or long term Bhakti from your life?

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