Organic Chemistry for IIT JEE Volume 1

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I have seen a lot of students asking the question – ‘what is organic chemistry?’ These are the folks who have cleared their state engineering exams and are currently studying in engineering colleges. The point I am trying to make here is that if you don’t know what organic chemistry is about then you are not going to score well. You must know the basics of organic chemistry which starts with the organic chemistry definition. So what is organic chemistry? It is the study of carbon containing compounds. These compounds include not only hydrocarbons but other compounds which include hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen as well. Some of the other elements which fall in the category of organic compounds are sulphur, phosphorous and also halogens. Basically, all the compounds which contain carbon-hydrogen bonds fall under the domain of organic chemistry. Organic chemistry expands to the study of the properties, relations, structures, characteristics of the organic compounds. I am sure now you know what organic chemistry is. Before you begin studying organic chemistry it is very important to know the most basic question of why is carbon a building block of life. Once you know the answer to this question then you need to go into the basics. Begin with nomenclature of carbon compounds, learn to name simple alkanes and alkyl groups. Do remember that nomenclature for organic chemistry is very important. You need to also get hold of the functional groups. Setting the right foundation stone in organic chemistry will work out the magic for you. It will become like mathematics where you know a concept and you practice questions of it to get tight grip on it. Study properly the tetravalence of carbon which is about the shape of organic compounds as well their structures. Write the basic reactions and nomenclature principles in your organic chemistry notes. The more you store the basics in your notes, the faster you will solve the reactions in organic chemistry. Unlike physical chemistry and inorganic chemistry there is very less to memorize in organic chemistry. You can become an expert by practicing organic chemistry questions of different difficulty levels. Also, if you are preparing for organic chemistry for IIT JEE then Cengage books are considered as one of the best. They are available for you at a discount of 61% in where you buy second hand books online in India. Also, when we are talking of some best books for organic chemistry then let me give you the recommendation of the one by OP Tandon too. Most of the IIT Toppers suggest studying from organic chemistry OP Tandon to get good results.

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