Advanced problems in ORGANIC CHEMISTRY

Author : M.S.Chouhan
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Neat and clean book.. comprehensive practice on physical chemistry for entrace exams. says :-
Organic chemistry for IIT JEE is tough but that subject which is tough is also interesting. IIT JEE Organic Chemistry is amazing to study but while you study it change your perspective. You must keep your study exam-oriented but keep a higher goal of mastering it. You must aim to become an expert at organic chemistry topics for IIT JEE such that your class mates and even your teachers start taking second opinion from you. Your level of expertise should be such that students come with you a bundle of organic chemistry reactions and you provide explanations of all of them. The beginning of IIT JEE organic chemistry should be done by buying some of the organic chemistry best books. Advanced problems in ORGANIC CHEMISTRY is one the best books which you can keep on your study table. It is available at a discount of 41%. Let’s talk a little bit about organic chemistry topics for IIT JEE. You should know that you can’t afford to skip a single chapter of the organic chemistry syllabus. In order to be an expert, you must first strengthen your basics. Therefore, start first with the Nomenclature, it is necessary that you become strong in nomenclature early as this will give an edge over the subsequent topics like Isomerism, Reaction intermediates, inductive, electrometric, and mesmeric effects and the most interesting topic – organic reactions. Even though you need to improvise in every question but memorizing basic formulae helps a lot. Examples include remembering that the conversion from Alkane to Alcohol to Aldehyde to Acid happens using simple oxidation. Then using strong oxidation reaction you can convert Alcohol to Acid. You can also remember that converting Aldehyde to Alcohol to Alkane can be done using simple reduction. Try to make General organic chemistry strong. Then you won’t have to memorize reactions. However, you will have to go through them from time to time. Every reaction you practice must go into your organic chemistry notes for IIT JEE. These notes will come handy for revision. So, paying strong attention to the basics and making GOC strong are the key factors to master the organic chemistry for IIT JEE.

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