Organic chemistry for iit jee and medical exams

Author : Dr ks verma
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For candidates preparing for iitjee and also preparing for class12 and medical entrance exam. You can get a good vast knowledge with this book.. says :-
You ask the importance of chemistry from a chemist or a person who is obsessed with chemistry and you will know that it is not only about studying the structure, properties and reactions but it is mainly about inventions like Physics. I got a chance once to peek into the organic chemistry notes of an IIT chemical engineer and they were so beautifully written as if somebody has taken extra care in designing the notes so that at any point of time, anything can be understood from it. He also told me that carbon is given utmost importance in Chemistry, and thus, there is this whole branch of chemistry which is about studying the structure, properties and reactions of carbon containing compounds known as organic chemistry. Well, organic chemistry also plays an important role in JEE Mains and JEE Advanced exams. Organic chemistry for IIT JEE can help you score really well and improve your AIR as the weightage of the organic chemistry questions is 30-40% in the IIT JEE chemistry exam. The organic chemistry topics for iit jee include general organic chemistry, Alcohol Phenol and Ether, Aldehyde Ketone, Carboxylic Acids, Nitrogen containing compounds, Biomolecules and hydrocarbons. Stress more on general organic chemistry questions as the weightage is close to 9% in the exam. Now, this blog will not be complete if I didn’t throw light on the best book for organic chemistry for IIT JEE. Theoretical knowledge is highly important so here MTG reaction mechanisms in organic chemistry by Dr. Mukul C Roy and Wiley’s Solomons, Fryhle & Snyder organic chemistry for JEE are recommended. The best book of organic chemistry for IIT JEE when it comes to practicing the problems is ‘Advanced problems in Organic chemistry for JEE(Main and Advanced) by Himanshu Pandey and also you can refer to organic chemistry by OP Tandon as well. Another book which holds a big name in the market is Organic chemistry for iit jee and medical exams by Dr KS Verma. You can buy it from the used bookstore at a discounted price of (bdis). This book can also be used in preparation of organic chemistry for NEET so your friend who is aspiring to becoming a doctor can use it too.

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