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Great help for JEE main and advance and other competitive engineering exams.. says :-
I was always afraid of chemistry, the nomenclature, the chemical composition of various compounds really gave a pressure to my blood pressure. But, the experts always advised me and few experts still advice to get your hands on one branch of chemistry which is easy to grasp, the concepts are not that difficult and even should be revised first – the branch of chemistry I am talking of is Physical chemistry. Well, physical chemistry definition is quite simple to understand, it is applying the theories and techniques of Physics to the study of chemical systems. I remember it as applying physics in chemistry. Now, I told you that Physical chemistry is easy to grasp and must be targeted first because it provides you an easy scoring opportunity in class 12 chemistry exam. The Physical chemistry chapters for class 11 include 1) Some basic concept of chemistry 2) State of matter 3) structure of Atom 4) Chemical bonding and Molecular structure 5) Chemical Thermodynamics 6) Equilibrium 7) Redox Reaction. You must see that all these physical chemistry topics have a pinch of physics topics in their names. It would also be unfair if I didn’t give you the physical chemistry topics of class 12 which include – 1) Solid State 2) Solutions 3) Electrochemistry 4) Chemical Kinetics 5) Surface Chemistry. The best physical chemistry books include Atkins’ Physical Chemistry by Julio de Paula, Peter Atkins , OP Tandon or HC Verma which you can buy without any thought. However, if you’re looking to prepare physical chemistry for JEE Advanced then this book CONCEPTUAL PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY FOR IIT available at 37% is the right choice for you.

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