Organic chemistry iit jee

Author : Himanshu Pandey
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Very new condition and useful for iit jee aspirants . says :-
The branch of chemistry which deals with the carbon related compounds, their properties, structure, preparation and reactions is known as Organic chemistry. The reason of telling this definition to you is that you keep it in your mind while preparing for IIT JEE Organic Chemistry. Organic Chemistry for IIT JEE is trickier and tougher than inorganic chemistry and physical chemistry. The strategy is that you focus on basics and remember them. That is possible only if you revise the basics. For example, you need to remember that you can convert Alkane to Alcohol to Aldehyde to Acid by simple oxidation process. You also need to learn what happens in the process of reduction. Then based on the basics you need to start practicing the organic chemistry questions. You can target the basic questions through NCERT chemistry book for class 12 and NCERT chemistry book class 11. Many students say that chemistry NCERT textbooks are enough when it comes to the question of how to prepare chemistry for IIT JEE but I recommend going an extra mile especially with the organic chemistry preparation. I recommend practicing around 2000-2500 organic chemistry problems from organic chemistry question bank or some other books. You must target organic chemistry conversions practice problems especially. Pay special attention to practicing reactions in Organic Chemistry. Once you have done enough practice, MCQs of organic chemistry will seem a piece of cake to you. For better preparation of IITJEE organic chemistry, Advanced problems in organic chemistry by Himanshu Pandey is one of the best books for organic chemistry. It poses challenging questions that if you attempt to solve will strengthen your basics and push you way ahead of other competitors. All you have to do is solve the questions in this book diligently. You can buy it at a discount of 36% from the second hand bookstore of

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