IIT JEE chemistry

Author : RK Gupta
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bx-zone.com says :-
Before you buy this book – IIT JEE chemistry – that is available for you at a discount of 40% in the city of Faridabad let me tell you how to prepare for IIT JEE chemistry. In IIT JEE chemistry there are 3 sections – Physical chemistry, Organic chemistry and Inorganic chemistry. Physical chemistry is the easiest of the three. It is physics inside chemistry. All I suggest is you read the NCERT chemistry books of class 11 and class 12 thoroughly. Success in physical chemistry depends a lot on problem solving skills. For this, keep practicing the problems so that you memorize the formulae. Remembering the formulae of equilibrium, radioactivity, kinetics help a lot. A good way to remember is to write them down in your notes for IIT JEE chemistry and keep going through them while you are travelling or while sitting at a relative’s house. For studying inorganic chemistry NCERT chemistry textbooks are the best. IIT JEE Inorganic chemistry pushes you to remember more as you have to remember not only the P,D,F block elements but their properties and characteristics too. The toughest of all 3 is organic chemistry. IIT JEE organic chemistry requires enormous amount of practice. It is like mathematics in which you learn the concepts and then depend on solving enough questions such that the concept goes into your head properly. Similarly, you have to focus on the basics first. Pay a lot of attention to them to strengthen the foundation but remember that you don’t spend 6 months in strengthening the basics. Remember all the named reactions and mark which question involved which basic reaction in the IIT JEE organic chemistry notes. Once you have mastered the general organic chemistry reactions, I am sure that solving organic chemistry questions will be nothing more than a game for you. Memorization, practice and JEE chemistry notes are the 3 things instrumental in clearing the organic chemistry for IIT JEE.

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