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One year old edition. Complete set including modules, workbooks, previous years questions and final practice stage books. Mains and Advanced. All chapters included. . says :-
Many students have this question – Are FIITJEE modules enough to crack IIT JEE mains and IIT JEE advanced exam? Before answering this question, I would like to answer another question ‘Is FIITJEE worth it?" The answer is yes. FIIT JEE is totally worth it. Why? Because the study material of FIIT JEE has been designed by bright people after doing rigorous research of the changing IIT JEE exam patterns, JEE mains and JEE advanced syllabus and the JEE previous year question papers. Since, I have answered the second question by throwing light on the FIITJEE study material for IIT JEE, it answers a part of the first question. If I reframe it then I would say the FIIT JEE modules are worth solving as a part of your IIT JEE preparation. Now, are they enough for JEE mains and JEE advanced exams? Different students have different opinions on it because different students have different thinking abilities. I talk of the period before 2018, when class 12 grades were necessary to sit in the JEE mains exam, there were many students who gave everything to the JEE advanced preparation, they solved FIIT JEE grand masters package, FIIT JEE modules, gave mock tests etc to leave no stones unturned but the mistake they made was neglecting NCERT. By not focusing on the NCERT textbooks of class 12, these students were not able to score good in class 12 and due to their low grades they couldn"t qualify for the JEE mains exam. The point is if you talk to these students about FIITJEE modules they are not going to give good opinions on it. And, suppose if you ask this question to a set of students who are FIITJEE alumni and who got AIRs less than 5000 then they will tell you that FIITJEE modules are good, some would say they are sufficient and some would say to refer to other books as well. So, it totally depends on the thinking abilities and clarity of the concepts. But, instead of seeking to find an answer to this question, I would say you adapt a balanced approach in the JEE exam preparation. If you are planning to use FIITJEE modules in your preparation then you must believe in it and also take help from other but limited books. For IIT JEE physics, you should solve the entire include HC Verma vol1 and include vol2. For mathematics, you can refer to Dr SK Goyal Arihant IIT JEE mathematics because it has got a good set of IIT level questions. For IIT JEE chemistry, you can refer to RCM for Physical chemistry, advanced problems by MS Chouhan for organic chemistry and simply NCERT book for inorganic chemistry. After you complete the IIT JEE mains syllabus from these books, the FIITJEE modules will be a cakewalk and a source of revision for you. Creating a roadmap of JEE exam preparation with limited set of books involved, FIITJEE modules and sticking to it will make you a happier person on the exam day.

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