Arihant IIT JEE mathematics

Author : SK GOYAL
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Book is worth solving for iit jee and has all the jee problems . says :-
While you gain a lot of knowledge during IIT JEE preparation, the purpose behind your preparation should not be to gain knowledge. If it is so, then change it. Your mindset and preparation must be exam-oriented because your ultimate goal is to sit in one of the IITs. Once you get into any IIT, you are free to make every day as the knowledge gaining day because it is an institute whose goal is to help you become a great engineer. For IIT JEE mathematics, in which the more questions you solve the better it is, the quality of the book you read from does matter. When you are following the IIT JEE study material of a reputed institute, then my suggestion is to continue solving it and then do the previous year question papers of JEE. That will do the job for you. But if your JEE mains preparation of mathematics relies heavily on books then getting to know which book to choose, might be a good idea. Arihant IIT JEE mathematics by SK Goyal is the best book for IIT JEE mathematics. The best feature of Arihant IIT JEE maths book SK Goyal is that it provides you a lot of MCQs to solve. The book is aligned with today’s IIT JEE exam pattern, which is why, it acts more useful than others. SK Goyal’s Arihant mathematics for IIT JEE is the best book for the advanced topics of Geometry, Coordinate Geometry, Trigonometry and to some extent probability. The solved examples in this textbook, if properly solved, can yield you awesome results in JEE advanced exam. You will get a command over various problem solving approaches which is considered a major characteristic of the IIT toppers. To buy Arihant IIT JEE maths at a discount of 33% from, all you need to do is press the ‘contact owner’ button above. So, after you solve this SK Goyal maths book completely, I would suggest you to solve the arihant previous year papers of JEE to get a good grip on the concepts and the exam pattern. With SK Goyal book and previous year question papers in your preparation bucket, I believe you have a good chance of clearing JEE mains and JEE advanced exams.

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