Concept of Physics 2

Author : HC Verma
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Hc verma is the best book for neet and jee mains and advance. . says :-
Concept of Physics by HC Verma has made its legacy so robust that every student who studies in IIT claims to have read from it. The concept of thermal physics, the concepts of electricity, the laws of motion or even hydraulics are so beautifully explained by the respected HC Verma sir. After watching Avengers end game, I certainly felt a strong inclination towards time travel and thus, I thought this is only achievable through the concepts of quantum physics. I trust the books by HC verma so much that I really bought ‘quantum physics’ by HC Verma (2nd edition), that’s the credibility that this professor of IIT has earned over time. Concepts of physics by HC Verma volume 2 brings for you the interesting concepts of heat and temperature, Kinetic theory of gases, Heat Transfer, electric field and potential etc which are tough but are made understandable by H C Verma. If you are preparing for IIT JEE and are in phase of formulating a plan of the next 2 years of studies then I highly recommend you make some room in it for the Concepts of physics by HC Verma. Several IITians consider it as the best IIT physics book and it literally is. Your IIT JEE physics preparation from this IIT physics book combined with Resnick, Halliday, Walker becomes incredible and your chances of cracking IIT JEE mains increase drastically. Not only for IIT JEE exam, but this book is a boon for students when it comes to the NEET exam as well; for the students who want to be doctors studying from this book is studying from the best IIT physics book (may be several combined).Get this book from the used bookstore of at a discount of 20% in the city of Haridwar.

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