Concepts Of Physics 1

Author : HC Verma
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The book is in very good condition and is very useful for iit aspirants.....!!!!. says :-
When you have a task at your disposal of securing a fabulous rank in India’s top engineering entrance exams or medical entrance exams, clarity of concepts plays a vital role. All engineering entrance exams and medical entrance exams have Physics as an important section where clearing concepts is a must and without doing so you cracking the exam is next to impossible. Imagine you’re looking at a question paper of IIT JEE Physics and there is a question of wave, now unless and until you have not understood the equation of wave, which sits in the foundation, how do you think you can solve this question? The concept of physics especially for exams are tough to understand and thus, I would recommend you to carefully pick the physics books for class 12 and 11. When I studied from physics book of class 9, I solved numericals which were based on changing the temperature from Kelvin to Fahrenheit, it was simple but when came the physics textbook of class 11, the concepts of newton’s laws of motion, waves, thermodynamics literally blew my mind and there was no option other than making the concepts clear in the tiny little head. When you really want to study quality physics and do quality preparation then HC Verma’s Concepts of Physics 1 and 2 is boon in the form of a book. The book comprises of large number of numerical questions, solved and unsolved questions on each of the concepts asked in the engineering and medical entrance examinations. The book ‘Concepts of physics by H C Verma’ has been ruling the charts for nearly two decades because of its stunning success rate; brings it for you at an amazing discount of 48%, all you have to do is hit the ‘contact owner’ button above. If you’re looking for ‘Solutions to HC Verma’ then we have that too in our used bookstore.

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