Can Books be recycled? 2 effective ways to recycle books

2 ways to recycle books

Ever thought that the Raddiwala who would take books, Newspapers, and Magazines at price per kilo from you did with them?

How would the Raddiwala(Paper scrap dealer) make profit from it?

Here is the mechanism behind it.

The Process of Paper recycling

The Raddiwala takes the newpaper, books and magazines to a place where cardboard cover or hardcover is separated from the paper. Then the Raddiwala takes the extracted paper to a mill where a worker feeds them to a machine known as pulper.

What pulper does is that it adds water and certain set of chemicals to that paper which melts it down. The resultant is then heated to break it down further into fibres, this resultant is also known as pulp therefore, the machines are known as pulper.

After this, through a series of processes, the ink on the fibre is removed, any glue or adhesive between the pages is removed too. The resulting mixture is then dried to create new types of paper.

An A4 size new brand paper is difficult to produce through this process but some low quality paper like paper towels, tissue paper, boxes which are used to keep eggs is generally made through this process.

The stats say that by recycling 1000 Kilograms of newspaper can save around 1000 kgs of wood. When 1000 kilograms of a book paper is recycled then around 2000 kilograms of wood can be saved.

So, this was the process of book recycling or paper recycling. When you contribute you to this process it generates a little amount of money for you.

You can make more money than what a Raddiwala can provide you

Like I already mentioned that you get a very little amount by selling a big lot of your used books and magazines to a book scrap dealer. The point is that in this process of book recycling you don’t make enough money.

So, is there a way using which you can recycle your old books and also earn a decent amount from them much more than what a raddiwala can offer you?

Yes, there is one and it is known as

Online second hand bookstore

Like a pulper, the online used bookstore of is also a machine to recycle your used books.

If you’re thinking it also creates a new book from an old book by breaking it down in fibres then it’s not the case. Rather it is all about people selling used books to people living near them or in the same city.

When you sell your used book to a person in need of that book then you’re recycling the book yourself at the receiving end of which is the person who gets to read the book at lower price than the market.

On the other hand, you get to earn money from your used book, much more than what a book scrap dealer can offer you.

How works?

When you a pile of books at your study table acquiring dust then you log in and go to ‘sell my books’ option.

You then fill in the details of your book in the form, mark the pick-up point in the map and write a beautiful description of at least 100 characters of your book.

After entering all the details, click the ‘submit’ button and you’ll see your book appearing the used books store of bx-zone.

Now, your book will be exposed to thousands of online book buyers of India as well as your own city. You’ll receive an email when the buyers interested in your book will show interest in your book.

Use those details to contact the potential buyer. Fix the deal and time with the buyer to meet at the pick -up point.

Meet the book buyer at the pick-up point and handover your book to him/her. Do remember to collect money from the buyer.

That’s it you will come home happy after you get the money because it will be the price which you would quote for the book.

bx-zone helps to save the environment produces a win-win situation for both book buyers and sellers, the two ends of the recycling process because the book sellers get to earn money from their used books and the second hand book buyers get to read books at much less price than the market.

In this process, the environment is ultimately benefitted because when you sell and buy old books you’re saving a lot of paper and in turn, you’re saving a lot of trees. is free to use

Let me tell you a secret that when you use any service provider in this world, there is some commission fee or convenience fee charged from you even if it is not shown to you but doesn’t charge any commission nor any convenience amount from you.

You don’t have to pay anything during registration, you can sell any number of your old books through its used book store and send interest on any number of used books which you want to buy.

I guarantee that this process of recycling of books is absolutely free to use.

Doesn’t matter which process of recycling of books you choose, the ultimate result is it saves trees and thus, the environment but I would really like to know which process of book recycling described above you’re going to choose?

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