9 Books made into movies : You wouldn’t want to miss reading the book as well as watching the movie

Books made into movies

When a movie starts, the first thing you see are the details about it like its name, the production company and the cast. Among all this, sometimes appear another detail ‘Based on (book name)’.

Yes, when a movie is based on a book then you see it in the beginning and you come to know about it. Well, I am talking about old times i.e. 10 years ago, because now for many movies you get to know it in the trailer itself.

There is always a comparison drawn between books and movies. A question is asked – which one between the two is better?

This books vs movies clash always has biased answers. On one hand, the readers of the book side with the book with one common reason that some important charming events from the book have not been shown in the movie.

On the other hand, the movie buffs side with the movie claiming that not everything can be shown in the movie. Moreover, if the story is twisted in the movie then also movie doesn’t get spared from the wrath of the bookworms.

Countering it the movie buffs say that filmmakers have all the right to show what they want.

So who is indeed right in this age long battle of books vs movies? Is it the readers or the movie buffs?

What do you say?

Purpose of this article

You may be wondering that I am going to dive in the argument or the debate here propounding few reasons. Well, I am not going to do it because the purpose of this article is not giving fuel to the argument rather the purpose is exact opposite.

Books or movies whichever is better that’s not what I focus on, rather I focus in this article books and movies both of which are worth reading and watching.

So, gear up yourself for reading about 9 books made into movies which are worth reading as well as the movies are worth watching too.

1. The pursuit of happyness

As a student, I watched the movie ‘The pursuit of happyness’ starring Will Smith and it left me in awe. The movie was hugely inspiring and set visual example in my mind that a problem as big as homelessness can be tackled and won over if one is determined and patient to handle it.

It is based on the struggle of Chris Gardener who with his young son battled homelessness. Chris Gardener’s will to bail himself out of his misery brought to him all the best things that Universe could provide a man of strong determination.

Well, the book is different than movie. Certain anecdotes from the book have been shifted to fit in the movie. Also, the main and most emotional part of ‘The pursuit of happyness’ book is the hard upbringing of Chris Gardener which will literally force tears roll down your eyes.

With all the difference between the book and the movie, I would recommend you to read the book as well as watch the movie. You will enjoy both.

2. Guide

If you have heard or seen ‘Malgudi days’, a series telecasted on Doordarshan in the early nineties then you must have heard of R K Narayan.

If you haven’t then let me tell you that R K Narayan (felicitated with Padma Bhushan,Padma Vibushan, Sahitya Academy Award) was an Indian writer whose great works revolved around ordinary people in the society with whom the readers can associate themselves.

R K Narayan wrote ‘Guide ‘ in 1958 which was adapted by Dev Anand – the yesteryear’s style icon in the movie of the same name.

Guide is one of the best movies of Indian cinema because it was ahead of its time. I bet even if you don’t like old movies you wouldn’t regret watching Guide.

However, the book also deserves to be in your bookshelf. The ending in the book is left to the reader’s imagination however, it is fixed in the movie.

3. The Kite runner

Khaled Hosseini’s ‘The Kite Runner’ was published in 2003 telling the story of Amir from Kabul who had a Hassan Amir with an extraordinary talent of being a Kite runner. The book takes Amir’s story through various chaotic events of Afghanistan to the United States of America.

The book basically is about Amir’s guilt which gets over him as a child and then years later how he gets over his guilt. A series of emotional events holds this novel between these two story points.

The movie was directed by Marc foster and yes, you’ll find a few details between the novel and the movie changed but I recommend you to watch this movie after you have read the book.

Since, most of the movie is in ‘Dari’ and ‘Urdu’ therefore, you must watch this movie with subtitles on.

4. Love in the time of cholera

I am putting this novel as one of the entries in my article because this novel makes you believe in the concept of soul mate.

If you believe in the concept of soul mate already then pick this book written by the award winning Colombian writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Two people get into a long distance relationship which gets complicated due to the girl’s belief that she and her beloved are still strangers. The girl marries a boy of her father’s choice and then decades later she comes across her lover. What happens then?

You can read the novel to know the answer.

Love in the time of cholera is the screen adaptation of the same novel. There are a few details or the base reasons of certain events changed in the movie but the story line remains the same.

Once you fully read ‘Love in the time of cholera’ you will surely crave to watch this movie.

5. Two states

The Two states novel written by Chetan Bhagat is a story of Krish and Ananya, their love life and their deep struggle of convincing their families to give nod to their wedding.

The film stars Arjun Kapoor as Krish and Alia Bhatt as Ananya, both of them delivering enough justice to their characters.

The movie totally sticks to the plot of the book with only a few anecdotes missed as it is not possible to accommodate everything in book into the movie so we will give that to the filmmaker.

The novel is totally a travel novel. When you’re set on a long bus journey and have nothing to do then this novel can be picked. Also, if on another bus journey you have this movie in your mobile phone then surely you can watch it.

6. Harry Potter

Along with the Seven Wonders of the World, there is an honorary wonder of the world which was built by J K Rowling known as Harry Potter.

When Harry Potter books first came out people would read them all day, all week, some even calling in sick at work. 7 books got published in a time span of 10 years from 1997 to 2007.

Based on these books 8 Harry Potter movies were made which grossed more than 7 billion dollars. Both movies and books became popular among children and bookworms.

J K Rowling created an altogether different world of magic and fantasy revolving around a university Hogwarts in which studied Harry, Ronald and Hermione.

It’s a classic novel series about the victory of good over evil giving a strong message that no matter how powerful the evil is, it gets on its knees in front of good.

7. The Namesake

Namesake has been written by the Pulitzer prize winner Jhumpa Lahiri. Jhumpa Lahiri’s novels always focus on a family, relations between the member of the family, cultural differences, and adjusting issues.

Namesake is also about a Bengali couple which moves to Boston from Calcutta and then begin the events which are both worth reading and worth watching.

The movie Namesake came out in 2007 which was directed by Mira Nair starring Irfan khan and Tabu as leads. Mira Nair did all justice to the movie.

Even the critics who don’t often respect the movie as much as they respect the book praised the efforts of Mira Nair in her adaptation of this amazing work of Jhumpa Lahiri.

8. Game of Thrones

Who hasn’t heard of the Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones is basically a sitcom comprising of 8 seasons. Game of thrones is one of the most viewed television series with a large cast and is widely popular among audiences of different countries.

But do you know that Game of Thrones is also based on a novel series written by George RR Martin.

This fantasy book series is known as ‘A song of ice and fire’ which contains 7 novels in itself. They are

a. A Game of Thrones

b. A clash of kings

c. A storm of swords

d. A feast of crows

e. A Dance with Dragons

f. The winds of winter and

g. A Dream of spring

The plot is set in ancient times when dynasty used to be a common word. The fictional continents, the struggle for thrones, and many interweaving stories make this book series a perfect fantasy saga for you to read and at the same time watch it on television too.

9. Shatranj ke khiladi

Satyajit Ray was no less than a prodigy. He is regarded as one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. Shatranj ke Khiladi was the first hindi venture of Satyajit Ray which won the National Film Award.

It was based on Munshi Premchand’s story of the same name. The story is set in the era when the British used their classic divide and rule policy to take over India from the kingdom of Nizam.

Two Nizams who were so much focused on building strategies of the game of chess that they stopped looking towards their kingdom. The Nizams kept themselves busy in playing chess while their ruling area falls in the hand of British.

Any story written by the great Munshi Premchand is worth reading and any movie directed by Satyajit Ray is worth watching, hence, I strongly recommend you watching this movie and reading the book as I write this final pick of my article.

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