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All books of fiitjee of class 11th and 12th are in excellent condition. Full books set includes all packages,modules,grand masters packages, review packages,workbooks,archieves. says :-
How to crack IIT JEE without coaching classes? Many students ask. Especially those students who think that everyday travelling to and from coaching class consumes time. Another set of students asking this question are those whose parents don’t have money to enroll them into a top IIT JEE coaching institute in India. To those students who ask this question, I would like to say, that you’re determined to crack IIT JEE on your own. This is point#1 of the answer to your question. You need to maintain this level of determination every day till you write the exam. If you do so, cracking IIT JEE will become much easier. Point#2 is that you must get your hands on a good IIT JEE study material. If you are in class 11 then get fiitjee class 11 package solutions. The FIITJEE class 11 study material has been a popular choice among students which is why I am recommending it to you. In fact, move your motivation level up a little and try to finish the FIITJEE class 11 syllabus in 6 months rather than the whole year. Then start the class 12 IIT JEE syllabus to get an edge over yourself and over your potential competitors. At the start of class 11, you should buy the FIITJEE study material for class 12 also. Design your preparation strategy in such a way that you finish the entire FIITJEE study material at least 5 months before the JEE Mains exam. Then your next move will be to solve the chapterwise solved papers. Also, in your strategy give a special place to NCERT textbooks for class 12 and class 11. Not only the NCERT textbooks will help you get good grades in class 11 and class 12 but they also serve as the foundation in the IIT JEE preparation. In fact, a lot of IIT JEE questions are picked from the NCERT textbook of class 12. You can confirm it yourself by going through IIT previous year questions. The next task after finishing the study material should be to solve the IIT questions papers of JEE advanced and JEE mains exams. You will get familiar with the exam pattern of IIT and also the level of questions that appear. Getting into IITs requires complete preparation. You can’t spend too much time on an important topic and too less time on a not-so-important one. So, design your IIT JEE preparation strategy accordingly. A student will always find pleasure in saving money on study material for IITJEE. With bx-zone - the online bookstore of 2nd hand books - it is possible. You can buy fiitjee study material at deep discounts from like this booklisting in which the bookseller is offering you Fiitjee 11th and 12th class full books set at a discount of 50%. Isn’t it big for such an enormous package? Hit the ‘contact owner’ button above to show your interest in buying it.

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