Mathematics chapterwise solved papers iit jee

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chapterwise and topicwise solved papers for jee mains and advanced. Book is in good condition. Best for iit jee preparation. . says :-
Manoj was leaving no stones turned in his IIT JEE exam preparation. He enrolled in fiitjee institute and started working on his ability to solve jee mains and jee advanced problems. He attended the fiitjee lectures of each and every topic of physics, chemistry and math. He also solved diligently the question sheets provided by FIIT JEE, needless to say that fiitjee is one of the top iit jee coaching institutes in India. He wrote a strategy on the paper at the beginning of the academic year and stuck to it throughout the session. He thought that he had done decent preparation for jee mains exam and jee advanced exam. But on the day of the examination, he faced the heat. The heat didn’t come from jee mains questions or jee advanced questions but it came from the exam pattern of IIT. Somehow, he could dodge the problems posed by the IIT mains exam pattern but faltered by the IIT advanced exam pattern. He couldn’t clear the exam that year. Do you know what was missing in his strategy? There was no mention of IIT JEE previous year question papers on his strategy paper. This is what went wrong and that is why, he faced challenges by looking at the exam paper. The JEE Mains paper puts in front MCQs but if you have tried to solve those questions theoretically then possibly you are not going to solve it within specified time. This way you will solve less questions than required and will not clear the paper. Also, history repeats itself. So, if you solve thoroughly the JEE advanced previous year question papers, chances are that you may face similar questions which you won’t take more than 2 minutes to solve. In case of MCQs, solving the previous years question papers becomes a must-do task. Therefore, never skip the previous year question papers of JEE Mains. Now, if you’re wondering where to find the JEE previous year question papers then I would say in the bookstore on which you’re reading this blog. In fact, there are previous year question papers by separate subject if you need them like Mathematics chapterwise solved papers iit jee here available for you at 55% discount.

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