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Book for solving Math IIT Problems.In good condition but a bit old edition where we can train ourselves and solve all the math problems.. says :-
Maths IIT JEE syllabus is vast. But, it also comprises of some mind-blowing topics like differentiation, integration, linear equations, trigonometry, maxima and minima. The only way to succeed in the mathematics for IIT JEE is to first study the concept deeply and then practice it. You need to practice as many problems as possible. One big mistake that the JEE aspirants make especially while preparing mathematics for IIT JEE is they keep solving questions of the same level. You need to solve less questions of beginner level and more questions of intermediate and advanced level. If you observe that you are able to solve the questions very fast then my friend you are not doing the preparation in the right way. Because when you solve IIT level questions of math then your speed is going to decrease and you will have to apply more brain in them. This will take more time but will prepare you well for the mathematics for IIT JEE. If you are not enrolled in any IIT JEE coaching institute then you must get hold of some of the best books of mathematics for IIT JEE. Mathematics for iit jee available at a discount of 60% is one such book that you can buy to prepare for JEE advanced mathematics and JEE mains mathematics. The best book of mathematics for IIT JEE will challenge you with questions of varying difficulty. If you solve sufficient number of such questions then the confidence you will get will be unbreakable. And all that matters in the JEE mains and JEE advanced exams is the confidence, which only comes after rigorous preparation. I also like the concept of study material of resonance institute. The resonance study material provides sheets for every chapter which is broken down in 4 exercises. Exercise 1 gives you basic questions. Exercise 2 gives you intermediate level questions which prepare you for JEE mains and Exercise 3 gives you the practice questions of JEE mains and JEE advanced. Exercise 4 is for high level problems which you must practice only if you have spare time. The resonance study material, thus, prepares you for every challenge that JEE mains and JEE advanced exam throws at you.

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