ARIHANT 37Years' Chapterwise Solved Papers (2015-1979) IIT JEE Mathematics Paperback

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With a self-explanatory title, the book '37 Years’ Chapterwise Solved Papers (1979-2015) IIT-JEE Mathematics’ is one of its kind that brings together the entire body of mathematics questions that have. says :-
My friend Aritra was a numero uno in cricket. Let me tell you that he has played district and state level cricket in India. But, success in cricket has come to him after a lot of perseverance. I would like to share with you an anecdote of his cricket journey. This was the time when his district level selection was right around the corner. My friend was well prepared for the selection. He was a champ in the tennis ball cricket. He scored around 50 centuries in the last few months and made a name for taking difficult catches. The day before the selection he was still playing the tennis ball cricket. He scored a century on that day too. Cut to the day of selection, he opened to bat. The bowler bowled the first ball of the match and it went past him before he could swing the bat. Somehow, he survived the first over and scored just 1 run. He couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. He got anxious and tried to loft the ball to mid-wicket. The ball couldn’t get past the 30 yards circle and a fielder caught it. My friend could score just 1 run. Do you know what the reason of his failure in the match was? It was his unfamiliarity with the leather ball. I can establish a strong relationship between this anecdote and JEE mains exam. If my friend had practiced with the leather ball he would have surely scored at least a half-century in the selection match. This was the gap and you want to know how such a gap can arise in your JEE preparation? If you don’t practice the JEE previous years question papers. Unless and until, you solve the JEE previous year question papers you won’t know the nature and the pattern of the JEE mains exam and the JEE advanced exams. Make it a point that you need to solve at least the JEE last 5 years question papers if not for more years. The solved JEE mains papers and JEE advanced solved papers are one of the most important part of your preparation. Any aspirant who clubs them with proper revision strategy has got the odds of winning in the IIT JEE exam. Some aspirants even advise that after you have finished studying a particular topic it is always good to practice the questions of that topic from the JEE solved papers.’s online used bookstore is full of JEE previous year question papers of last 5 years, 10 years and even 37 years. All you need to do is hit the contact owner button on their profile page and they are yours.

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