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If you are an IIT JEE aspirant then let me tell you that the IIT JEE material can make you or break you. Thus, it is necessary to choose the best study material for IIT JEE. In this short article, I want to make you familiar with one of the best study material for IIT JEE preparation. The JEE aspirants who are preparing for IIT JEE without coaching must read it till the end as I am going to name one of the IIT JEE best study material. So, it is the resonance study material for IIT JEE. The study material of resonance is efficiently designed for the JEE aspirants. It has all the ingredients which you need to create delicious recipe of IIT JEE preparation. The resonance study material for IIT JEE provides 3 important things. These are sheets, DPPs (daily practice problems) and handouts. The handout in the resonance study material is the best component because it provides with the content which you need to memorize. The basic reactions and mechanisms when it comes to chemistry for IIT JEE, basic formulas, equations in math and physics are the common content in the handouts provided by the study material. Basically, you note down such content in the IIT JEE notes so that you revise it anytime you want, resonance recognized it and made your work easier in the form of handouts. The most important part of the study material of resonance is the sheets. They help you with three types of exercises and HLP. Exercise 1 gives you basic questions to solve. These questions will prepare you for JEE mains and exams like BITSAT. The sheet also contains theory, so if you have read the theory provided in the sheet and your concepts from NCERT textbooks of class 12 and class 11 are clear then you will be able to solve the MCQs and subjective questions provided in exercise 1. Exercise 2 provides you tougher questions. Exercise 2 questions will prepare you for JEE advanced and by any chance, if the JEE mains paper throws tougher questions than usual to you then also exercise 2 will help you. Exercise 3 provides you with previous year questions of JEE mains. Not only this, but there are previous year questions of JEE advanced for you as well. It is like solving previous year IIT questions chapterwise. Then comes the final part which is HLP(High level problems). You can pick to solve these HLP problems only when you have finished the IIT JEE syllabus of JEE mains and advanced completely. This is because, the level of these questions is more advanced than the questions asked in JEE advanced exam. Then, comes the second important part which is DPPs. The agenda behind providing DPPs is to make you do revision. Every DPPs contains 20 questions on an average. The good part is that you will find questions from more than one topic/chapter in the DPPs. This helps you revise the old topics as well. After all this, if any loose end remains then it is subsided by the resonance mock test which are probably the best among the tests of the top IIT JEE institutes in India. This summarizes that resonance provides the best study material for IIT JEE.

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