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Mathematics trigonometry jee advanced IIT jee by g tewani. says :-
In this short blog, I will share with you the information that will clear the confusion of which book to choose when you are preparing for IIT JEE math. The JEE aspirants always confuse between RD Sharma for IIT JEE and ML Khanna IIT Mathematics. They find it hard to choose between these 2 masterpieces which have been there in the IIT JEE math preparation world for a while. To prepare for IIT JEE math, you first start from class 11 math ncert textbook followed by the same of class 12. Preparing from Maths ncert textbook for class 12 and class 11 will ensure that you score well in the final exams of class 11 and class 12. Now comes the question of RD Sharma vs ML Khanna. Which is better? Which book should I choose to give an edge to my IIT JEE math preparation? Well, the answer depends on how much time is in your hand and how clear your concepts are? If you have more than 8 months remaining before you write the JEE Mains exam then pick up RD Sharma Maths book. Quickly finish the book within a span of 1 month and then pick up ML Khanna. Do not forget to solve ML Khanna IIT Mathematics. The feature of RD Sharma book is that it is good for studying and understanding the theory underlying different topics. There are exhaustive explanations given for every chapter of the IIT JEE Maths syllabus. One thing to note is that if your concepts are clear and you are confident at the topics of quadratic equations, differentiation, integration, straight lines etc. then I would suggest you skip RD Sharma Math book. Majority of the problems given inside the book are very basic. Once you start solving them, it seems like an easy game and then you continue solving them for days because you start enjoying. This leads to wastage of time. On the other hand, IIT Mathematics by ML Khanna is indeed good when you want to solve IIT level Maths questions. IIT Maths by ML Khanna is the popular choice among students because it poses math questions of varying difficulty to a JEE aspirant. So, even if you are thinking of solving all the Math questions inside the ML Khanna maths book then you are not going to be wasting any time. To clarify further, if you are looking to secure a decent AIR in JEE Mains and JEE advanced exams then go for IIT Mathematics for ML Khanna. I know that it costs a lot of bucks to buy it brand know. But, you don’t have to worry because is there to assist you. On the online second hand bookstore of bx-zone, Trigonometry by ML Khanna is available at a discount of 60%. Hit the contact owner button to buy it.

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