For all those who read before sleeping: Which genre you should pick?

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A few days ago on our Twitter account I conducted a poll with a simple question ‘Before sleeping which is the genre one should read?’ The options were

1. Self Help

2. Fiction

3. Biography

4. None of these

100% people who took the poll chose ‘Fiction’. I was very excited to know that.

I took this poll answer for discussion to the people I know. Those people were a couple of friends, a couple of teachers and few people who have read all their lives and are still going strong.

I did that because my gut feeling actually questioned that ‘100%’ figure which I observed in front of the fiction category. I would be honest here but around 70% of the people I consulted with didn’t agree with the undisputed choice made in the poll.

To me, it seemed that there was something odd about it which doesn’t seem to the naked eyes. Like if I asked right now what’s the genre you will read tonight before you go to bed, the answer in a flash will be Fiction.

But if it’s an impulsive choice then we must take care of the kind of fiction we’re reading.

Be careful of the choice

To support my argument above I would like a personal story. I am personally a big fan of Jack Reacher Novels, being a fan whenever it’s the time in my reading cycle for fiction genre I always choose Jack Reacher.

Now, for the people who don’t know about Jack Reacher’s novels they are mystery thrillers. There is blood, there are killings and there is carnage along a thrilling story line which holds you fixated till the last page.

Four years back, one of the novels caught so much of my attention that I would wait for the last hour before the bed time every day to get my hands on it, so that I can read it until I would drop unconscious on the bed with my head tilted to the side and no information about where the novel would be, on the bed or on the floor.

One night, during the tenure of reading this novel I had a dream where I found myself trapped in dark room with blood seeping in from under the door.

To make it worse, I saw a couple of dead bodies around me too. The scene was terrifying enough to wake me up in the middle of the night and literally I had to get out of my bed & go to the balcony in order to assure myself that in reality all is well.

It is obvious that the only reason of the nightmare was the novel which I was reading. I had been reading it for several nights and suddenly the ideas or the story sunk in my head and projected a related scene when my conscious mind was completely out during sleep.

The Reason

Several great authors and researchers who have studied mind have said that mind is categorized in 2 parts 1) conscious 2) subconscious.

The subconscious mind is like a kid but it is the source of all the strength that lies within; whatever ideas we bring in or provide strength to in our conscious mind will be accepted by the subconscious mind and then we get the strength to achieve what we need.

When we feel sleepy, the conscious mind is in the ‘shutting down’ mode but the subconscious is always awake because it is running the kidney, the heart and the liver.

When you read a thriller fiction just before sleeping, then do remember that the acceptance gateway of the subconscious mind is totally open and there is a higher chance of the impression getting created of what you’re reading.

Such was the case with me when that nightmare occurred.

Which genre to choose?

My personal opinion combined with the opinion of the people I consulted will tell you to read self-help books always before sleeping.

For the people who are less motivated or are going through a troubling phase in their life this could be the best medicine.

The ideas which you’re going to read from these awesome books before sleeping are going to sink in your subconscious mind and after some days you will notice that your mornings are fresher than usual, the days are little tiring and a new wave of energy just rushes through your body the entire day.

Or if you’re fond of fiction then choose the type of fiction which is full of motivating stories but figuratively that will also fall under the self-help genre.

The best time of reading fiction is surely in the noon and nothing would be better than having a fiction book in your hand when you’re travelling in the noon time or a typical Sunday afternoon.

In the end

Not everybody is a book reader, most of the people around us hate to read or feel a steel box weighing a ton on their head when they are given a book to read.

Being a book reader is kind of taking the first step towards building immense inside strength and maturity and thus, it is little important to choose what we’re reading at what time.

So, would you be picking up a self-help book to read while you’re in bed? Do you read at all before sleeping? If not, would you read after reading this article.

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